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Yale grad student missing; body found

Annie Le, missing Yale studentIf you’ve been following the news over the past few days, you’ve heard about Annie Le, the Yale grad student who went missing last Wednesday only days before her wedding date.

It seems that the search might be over – a woman’s body was found earlier today hidden in the Yale Medical School research building she worked at, where she was last seen.

That this happened in nearby New Haven captured our attention, but it makes the case especially jarring that, despite the current lack of details, it seems like the presumed crime was probably premeditated.  With the death of Johanna Justin-Jinich still fresh in our minds, it’s not a good feeling.

If you’ve got friends at Yale, now might be a good time to reach out and offer support – if you were on campus last semester, you have some idea of what it feels when something like this happens at your school.

More details, including comments from Yale faculty, at IvyGate.

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