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[Liveblog]: Reddit’s Alexis Ohanian in Beckham

If you haven’t heard already, the “mayor of the Internet,” a.k.a reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian is at Wesleyan today.

His itinerary:

11:15 a.m.    Arrive at Wesleyan and join Professor Greg Goldberg’s “Media and Society” class already in progress

12 p.m.          “Without Their Permission” talk and booksigning with Peter Frank ’12 of Texts.com (details here)

2 p.m.             Meeting with student programmer group and student entrepreneurs Exley 139

3 p.m.             Depart Wesleyan

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There are a bunch of questions for Ohanian on the Wesleyen subreddit, some selected ones here:

2013-12-05 11.57.56

shameless selfie

From the Argus: Some people would say the internet is the most powerful means of doing good the world has ever seen, and that it can bring people together to solve seemingly intractable problems. It does, however, have its downside–one notable example would be the Boston Marathon bombing manhunt, during which a group of Redditors identified the wrong suspect, causing widespread panic and hindering the investigation. What are the limitations and risks of harnessing the power of the internet for problem-solving, and how can they be best addressed?

From the classic ‘wes anon’:

Can you talk about anonymity on the internet? Specifically, how does one foster a community that is anonymous and not have it overrun by things like bullying or racist language (this is one of the things I hate most about reddit, to be honest, even though I love certain parts of the site). Is there a solution?

If you didn’t get a ticket to the event, you can check out our liveblog below:

Texts.com Update: Get Cheap Textbooks

frankstiStill having textbook woes? Here’s an update from Peter Frank ’12 of Texts.com:

I have approximately 125 books that were donated from the Class of 2013 still available for purchase. These books are listed at the lowest possible price (seriously, insane discounts), and all proceeds go to financial aid.

I’m not making a cent on these, and I’ve eaten all of the cost to acquire, store, insure, etc.  I’ll be giving out free Costco cookies and Solo cups with any purchase.  I’m just trying to do more to build the Texts.com brand, and give as many students as possible a positive experience with the site and service.  The full listings are viewable here.

Frankly, this is a huge win-win (big savings, helping financial aid), and I’ll be incredibly disappointed if we’re not able to sell all of these titles. You can also check out a snapshot of the key figures of our momentum on campus.

How to Use Texts.com

From Peter Frank ’12, the creator of Texts.com:

You inhaled our pizza on 4/20 last Spring, you studied for finals over paper bowls brimming with Costco snacks, and you’re currently spraying Sriracha onto your microwaved Easy Mac.  You’ve seen the stickers and have heard about Texts.com– now is the time to capitalize on the service!

If you’ve got books to sell, now is the time to get your best price.  Instead of selling to a typical buyback program for pennies on the dollar, Texts.com will help you find a student buyer who is willing to pay you a fair price.  Not only will they also be getting a discount, but the environment will appreciate the gesture, as well.

To add your books to Texts.com, just follow these steps–

Interview: Peter Frank ’12, Former Owner of CollegeACB, Launches New Textbook Venture

“If a campus as tight-knit and progressive as Wesleyan can’t come together to defeat yesterday’s monopolist and incumbent powers, then maybe it just can’t be done.”

Peter Frank ’12, the famed Internet entrepreneur who ran the CollegeACB empire from his Fauver dorm room and made his way into the pages of TIME Magazine before selling the site in 2011 for an undisclosed six-figure sum, is back in the game with a new start-up. Not quite as juicy as the ACB (but probably far more useful), Frank’s latest venture is Texts.com, a “lean, green, student-first platform” for students to buy and sell textbooks to and from each other online. The start-up made its Wesleyan debut on Foss Hill around 4:20 p.m. yesterday; you’d be forgiven for assuming it’s a service that provides free pizza to stoned Wesleyan students at all hours of the day (that’s my new start-up idea, don’t tell anyone):

With help from Lisa Sy ’13 and Benjamin Halpern (a student at Mount Allison University in Canada), Frank aims to build a “commission-free, zero-fee, student-to-student textbook exchange” that eliminates the middleman.

Video: Rush on Pizza 4/20

Check out this insider coverage of what will surely go down in the history books as Wesleyan’s Rush on Pizza. Today at approximately 4:20 PM, Texts.com (started by the esteemed Peter Frank ’12) distributed 60 pies (30 of which were vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free). We have video evidence of the stampede that followed.