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As campus clears out (and your classes get emptier and emptier due to students leaving early for break), those of you sticking around for all or part of break may be wondering what’s going to be open.

WesShop is closing at 4 PM today, and will remain closed until 4 PM Sunday, so be sure to get your last grocery run in within the next few hours! The offerings at this point will likely be sparse, but you can probably come up with some creative dishes to stay nourished as you hibernate in your dorm/house/Olin/SciLi. Read on for the rest of the Thanksgiving Break Hours for various facilities and services around campus!

Thanksgiving Break Dining Hours


HOLY SHIT break is here. I know Thanksgiving Break is a mixed bag for a variety of reasons. We all have different affinities and anxieties about our home-away-from-Wes, whatever and whoever constitutes that home.

But break is here after all. I think many of us can agree that we never thought this break would come. With endless campus turmoil and the living nightmare that is our president-elect and all of the fuckery that surrounds him, I really really just couldn’t wait to have 3 days off from class. For those of you staying on campus, endure the food shortage in the best way possible (GO TO WESHOP BEFORE TOMORROW AT 4), and maybe check out this Thankful Dinner that’s being hosted at Recess House on Thursday. If you’re vegan, please try cooking a Tofucken and let me know how it goes. Anyway, on to what you came here for: