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8-to-8 is Taking a Break to Eat Tofurkey

8-to-8 writes in:

8-to-8 will be off-campus and off-line for Thanksgiving break. We’ll be unavailable starting Wednesday 11/21, BUT we’ll be back and ready to listen on Sunday 11/25– on chat from 7 PM to 2 AM or on the phone (x7789) from 7 PM to 7 AM!

Thanksgiving Break Shuttles

Turkey Day is on the horizon, and you want to know how to get to there from here, right? The Transportation Committee’s got your back:

The most-anticipated break of this semester is on its way! We here at WSA are going to help you get back home and taste the delicious turducken (if that’s your tradition). The deadline to buy your tickets (for both departure and return) is tomorrow, Saturday November 17th. You can go the Box Office in Usdan or order online.

The buses to New York and to Boston are sold out, though there are a very limited number of seats still available for the return trip. There are also a very limited number of seats left on the bus to Philadelphia and DC. There are still plenty of seats available on the shuttles to and from New Haven and Bradley.

Our shuttles will depart from Usdan and arrive at Bradley International Airport, New Haven Train Station, New York, Boston, DC, and Philly. For both specific schedules and price information please see the schedule below or the attachment to this email.

Shuttles will depart on time, and will not attempt to locate missing passengers. Here is the schedule for the shuttles:

Unplug yo’ shit

WSA Rep Rebecca Rubenstein ’15 and the WSA Sustainability Task Force are callin’ in to remind you to unplug your stuff for break. Also to do other stuff:

Hi everyone,
If you’re leaving campus for Thanksgiving Break, take a few minutes to reduce energy consumption and save the school some money. Here are some suggestions:

  • Unplug electronics and appliances (TVs, computers, chargers, microwaves, etc.).
  • Turn off your lights and alarm clocks before you leave.
  • Close your windows.
  • Turn down your thermostats, if you can.
  • Unplug and clean out your fridge, because your food will likely go bad anyways. You can donate your food to the Middletown Chapter of Food not Bombs by emailing this address: fnbmiddletown[at]lists[dot]riseup[dot]net, or give your food to your friends that are staying on campus.

Have a great break!!

WSA Sustainability Task Force

Thanksgiving Buses: important info

The WSA Shuttle Committee has some important info about the Thanksgiving buses:

The New York bus drops off and picks up at 42nd Street/Lexington Ave and the Boston bus picks up and drops off at 700 Atlantic Ave. The buses are white and say Premier limousine on the sides. One of the bus drivers for the New York run is Dan and his cell is 860-638-7346 and one of the bus drivers for Boston is Ray and his cell is 860-209-1425. If there are any problems, call one of the drivers or the main number at 1-866-885-5466.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving break dining schedule

Bon Appetit has posted the 2008 Thanksgiving Break dining schedule. Check it out to make sure you’re not going hungry (and click the image to make it bigger/readable):

Also, the Star & Crescent is open tomorrow (Tuesday 11/25) for lunch but not dinner – the menu is BBQ Chicken/ Tofu, Collard Greens, Creamy Polenta, and Coconut Cookies.

Non-BA-operated: WesWings is open regular hours on Tuesday, and returns for dinner the Sunday we get back. Red & Black Cafe is also open regular hours on Tuesday, and returns for regular hours the Sunday we get back.

Summary: Only the Usdan Marketplace and WesWings are open for dinner on Tuesday night, and nothing else on campus is open until the Sunday we get back for dinner, except Red & Black for lunch Sunday. Yeah, if you’re staying on campus, that pretty much sucks. Neon and Cafe Ology will be your friends?

Mother Nature messes with your travel

A mess of papers, exams, and classes isn’t the only thing standing between you and Thanksgiving Break. Mother Nature also wants to get in the way. Tomorrow’s supposed to be pretty nasty, with gusty winds, thunderstorms, and a 100% chance of rain.

Be careful on your commute home!

While You Were Off Campus

•Squirrels ruled the land. No really, I can walk across campus twice and see nobody except squirrels. It’s kind of eerie, like a post apocalyptic movie.
•Middletown High played Xavier on Andrus field, complete with at least 1000 people and a sweet, hugely loud brass band. M-town won. Seriously, both sets of bleachers were full. It was epic.
•Weshop/Piggies remained about as helpful in balancing my nutrition as it normally is; it’s been closed since Tuesday, forcing me to seek other sources of protein. (a few more weeks of this and I might be forced to have a little squirrel barbecue.)
•Some really beautiful, balmy days have been bestowed on us by the Giver of All Good Gifts. (Incidentally, Middletown has a righteous christian radio station, WIHS @ 104.9 )
•The alcoholic-drink-of-choice transitioned from something iced to something spiced: Hot Cider with Cardamom and Gosling’s Black Seal Rum. (More snow is necessary to complete this transition, but we’re in the grey area…)
•There were no sweet shows, at the cafe or at eclectic or at anywhere.
You didn’t miss much. Except the football game, which was epic. and some quiet.