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A Wesleythanksgivleying Salute

Hunkering down on campus? Read this. Don’t read this.

Happy Thanksgiving, Weszzleyan. We encourage you to celebrate the day with an old classic, “Tryptophantasm.” Starring Sam Korda ’13, Solomon Billinkoff ’14, Eliza Forman ’13, and Stephan Stansfield ’13, it’ll have you feeling like you’re suspended in a sea of cranberry sauce for eternity in no time. Though you may feel that way anyway by the time you read this…

Staying on campus over break? Good for you, you studious studier. The Thanksgiving Break dining schedule is your friend. Consult it wisely. There isn’t much food to be had between now and Saturday (both WesWings and Red & Black are also closed until then), but Main Street is only a scant few blocks from your dorm. So is Marco’s Deli. Choose wisely.

Espwesso Closed Tonight

Despite rumors to the contrary, Espwesso will not be serving up its annual “Turkey Latte” special tonight, says Jacob Eichengreen ’13:

Hey doods,

Just wanted to see if y’all could spread some informashunz to the ol’ student body folk. Espwesso’s a-closin! For break, that is. We’ll be closing Tuesday (tomorrow) and reopening on Sunday the 25th 9pm-1am

You should use this .gif in the post, somehow, if you can

Unfortunately that .gif was too big a file to upload into this post, but you should click it anyway.

Volunteers Needed for Thanksgiving Basket Assembly

The Office of Community Service writes in:

Want to bring happiness to others as part of giving thanks? The Office of Community Service will provide transportation for students who are interested in helping to assemble Thanksgiving baskets for those who might not have food to enjoy on the big day next week.
There are 6 shifts: 8:45AM to 11:30AM, 10AM to 12PM, 11AM to 1:30PM, 12PM to 2PM, 1PM to 3:15PM, 2PM to 4PM.
If you, your friends, your fellow Greek sisters/brothers, your student group, or anyone else you might know are interested, send an email to dpellegrino(at)wesleyan(dot)edu.

Date: Monday, November 19
Time:  8:45 AM- 4:00P M
Place: Office of Community Service
Cost: Free

Thanksgiving Break Shuttles

Turkey Day is on the horizon, and you want to know how to get to there from here, right? The Transportation Committee’s got your back:

The most-anticipated break of this semester is on its way! We here at WSA are going to help you get back home and taste the delicious turducken (if that’s your tradition). The deadline to buy your tickets (for both departure and return) is tomorrow, Saturday November 17th. You can go the Box Office in Usdan or order online.

The buses to New York and to Boston are sold out, though there are a very limited number of seats still available for the return trip. There are also a very limited number of seats left on the bus to Philadelphia and DC. There are still plenty of seats available on the shuttles to and from New Haven and Bradley.

Our shuttles will depart from Usdan and arrive at Bradley International Airport, New Haven Train Station, New York, Boston, DC, and Philly. For both specific schedules and price information please see the schedule below or the attachment to this email.

Shuttles will depart on time, and will not attempt to locate missing passengers. Here is the schedule for the shuttles:

BREAKING: Thanksgiving at Usdan Right Meow

Last year, I broke the story about a momentous event that should engage all Wesleyan students: Thanksgiving dinner served at Usdan. You can imagine my surprise when my housemate nonchalantly mentioned this afternoon that tonight was the night that it was happening all over again. Was I the only one who’d missed the boat on this one? Could that be possible, given my public support of Bon Appetit? I’m posting here, right before I rush over, to make sure that no one misses out on this culinary experience and cherished Wesleyan tradition. There’s also always the possibility of President Roth serving up your Thanksgiving dinner there tonight. Even if Roth can’t make it, the Usdan tradition of administrators and faculty serving Thanksgiving Dinner will certainly continue this evening. Seriously, you don’t want to miss it.

DATE: Tonight
5:00 to 8:00 p.m.
Usdan Marketplace

Let’s Talk Turkey: How To Network Over Break

Our friends at the career center hope to gobble up an hour of your time this week:

Bring your lunch and your questions! Spend an hour with Christine Bolzan ’92 to learn about how to network with family and friends while you’re home or traveling over break. Christine will help you build a strategy about what to say and to whom and how to leave a lasting impression.

And don’t forget:

**Special Session for Seniors on Tuesday 11/13 at 12pm in 41 Wyllys Room 113***

So there’s that.

Date: Wednesday, November 14
Time: 12 pm
Location: Olson Commons, Career Center
Wesleyan RSVP 
 (who knows, maybe it will be the next Bookface)

Canadian Thanksgiving @ Wes

According to Aaron Veerasuntharam ’14, the BC oil pipeline is probably not going to happen and Justin Trudeau is in the running for the leadership of the Liberal party. If any of that made sense to you, you’re reading the right Wesleying post:

Come share some turkey and mashed potatoes, as well as your beef — with Rob Ford or Steven Harper. That’s right, a home away from home, a real gathering of Canadians @ Wes! E-mail moswald@wes or aveerasuntha@wes for the details, and to learn more about Canada Club!

What: Canada Dry. Canada Club. (Canadian) Thanksgiving dinner.
Date: Tomorrow, October 8
Time: 6 – 7:30 pm

A Very Wesleying Danksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, Wesfolk. As we celebrated last Thursday with Michael Roth servin’ up some potatoes and gravy in the Usdan Marketplace, we chillax xcore today with family, friends, or whichever international students happen to be occupying the dorm lounges this year. (To those about to rock Turkey Day in the 06459, we salute you.) So it goes.

Just a casual reminder that Wesleying is on break, too: updates will be sparse from here till Monday, so adjust your browsing habits accordingly. In the meantime, you may wish to reap the benefits of Tryptophantasm, skim President Roth’s Thanksgiving message, browse over to Bon Appetit (and WesWings’) Thanksgiving Break dining hours, say hello to high school acquaintances, or enjoy Tenured Radical’s list of the Top Ten Turkeys of 2011. We’ll wait.

Click past the jump for dining schedules and other such treats, and have a fabulous break.

Casting Call! Free Lunch!

Stuck on campus over Thanksgiving with nothing to do? Have no fear, Robby Hardesty ’12 is here to keep your staycation exciting! And he’s going to record your adventures on youtube for posterity’s sake! From the gentleman himself:

Oh hey!  Do you want to be in a webisode with these two spankalicious doofs?

POSTPONED is looking to cast a dozen extras and a minor female role for a shoot that will be occurring the Saturday and Sunday of Thanksgiving Break (Nov. 26 and 27).  If you’re stuck on campus for the weekend and want to show your dear grandmother your shining face on the ol’ YouTubes, shoot an email to robhardesty[at]gmail[dot]com and ccorrea14[at]gmail[dot]com and we’ll send you details!  Lunch will be provided, so you won’t have to microwave more ramen!

The minor female role involves delivering a short monologue in a theater class.  Extras will be happily munching their free lunch in Summerfields while Robby and Chris act like baboons.

Thanksgiving at Wes!

So, if you’re counting the days down to Thanksgiving break (and not just because you can’t wait to head home), then rest assured knowing you can get your Turkey or Tofurky grind on early tonight in Usdan! That’s right. Usdan will be cooking up Thanksgiving Dinner tonight for you. And if that’s not enough to bring you out, then perhaps the possibility of President Roth serving up your Thanksgiving Dinner does it for you. Even if Roth can’t make it, the Usdan tradition of administrators and faculty serving Thanksgiving Dinner will definitely continue this evening in Usdan. Seriously, you don’t want to miss it.

DATE: Tonight!
5:00 to 8:00 p.m.
PLACE: Usdan Marketplace