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Cinco de BuHo

John Ryan ’14 writes in to keep your eardrums happy this Cinco de Mayo. This Saturday afternoon, Buddhist House is hosting a concert/BBQ backyard bash featuring bands that will certainly make the celebrations celebration-worthy. Not only is this a great way to celebrate Mexico’s victory over the French (even though everyone beats the French), but how better to spend your last weekend before classes end? Festivities begin at around 2:30, and bands are going on as follows:

Buddhist House is hosting an awesome day concert/BBQ right in their very own backyard this Saturday afternoon. Here’s the rundown: A bunch of bands are going to play while everyone celebrates Cinco de Mayo and has a good last weekend before classes end. Festivities are starting at around 2:30 PM.

Date: May 5th
Time: 2-7pm
Place: Backyard of Buddhist House (356 Washington)
Check out: Their facebook page.


Update in from Dylan Bostick ’13Battle of the Bands (THIS FRIDAY OR WHATEVER) has a lineup, y’all – chosen from quite a few EP entries by a careful and time-honored process. Also I heard facebook has an events system and this is on it, does this link work? Apparently it’s like an event or something, IDK.

Anyway, onto the contestants. Don’t be too impressed with these descriptions I’ve amassed from leading music critics:

The Appledaughters – battlers man these guys crazy theyll punch you out the face bro fuck
Grand Cousin – yo used to be grand dad but like its complicated with mom so cousin now
Lyons Den – i mean its just some lyons see
Peace Museum – sounds chill not too much fighting in the museum and stuff
Static Stamina – um i failed physics so not sure what this means but yeah
Treasure Island -haha dude loooove tresure man!!! found some sweet $$$ under my bed yesterday

Got issues with the lineup? If only there were some place where people had already left more than 50 comments about it…oh well.

Also, if someone wants to tell me what (if any?) is the difference between Social and Spring Fling Committees, that would be $w33t. Sorry I have no idea what’s going on, but isn’t that how we all go through life? …oh, so that’s just me? Okay. Fine.

Diarrhea Planet at WestCo Cafe

Get the runs down to the WestCo Cafe to hear Diarrhea Planet Thursday night:

Their sound has often been described as The Ramones holding Van Halen hostage with an arsenal of fireworks and explosives. Diarrhea Planet’s four guitarists provide enough riffs to make Jack Black squeal like a schoolgirl, while lead singer Hodan delivers enough hooks to straighten the curl out of Justin Timberlake’s hair. In a world of unintelligible lo-fi recording, reverb drenched vocals, and tuneless guitars, Diarrhea Planet aims to put the backbone back into rock and roll.

The band’s full length album, Loose Jewels, came out this past September. Check them out–their messy, loose music will cause your muscles to tense in cathartic pleasure.

The Appledaughters (Sam Long ’12, Howe Pearson ’12, Jon Saalfield ’12, and Gabe Greenberg ’14) will be opening.

Date: Thursday, March 1
9:30 p.m. until 12 a.m.
Cost: Gatorade, Saltines, maybe a light soup, hopefully not this.
Music. Facebook Event.


“Welcome to Awesomefest, where novelty-bordering-on-experimentation rules the day along with Whatever Crazy Loud Shit Howe’s Doing Now, Holy Fuck”

Saturday. 11.12.11. In which, by some divine decree, WestCo’s 8th Day of the Week and Eclectic’s Awesomefest are to take place on the same majestic Saturday, in one phantasmic explosion of sex, drugs, and chillwave. In which Wesleying’s adjunct associate Giant R. Joint Critic of Arts and Entertainment/reluctant birthday boy A-Batte sets out to witness, ponder, and document all things musical in a 12-hour span while both moshing and taking notes but not developing severe tinnitus. In which Teebs shows up, drops more Brainfeeder than Jamaica’s got mangoes, kicks bottom, and leaves. In which eleven mighty bands form for one dizzying array of talent, cacophony, and running-back-and-forth-between-two-stages. In which We Are Chants! We! Are! Chants! We! Are! Chants! We! Are! Chants! In which Wesleyan’s music scene does what it’s supposed to do.

Yeah, whatever. Scroll on for full coverage: words by A-Batte, images by Zach and Rachel Pincus ’13, and musics by You. Great job, You! Let’s do it again sometime. (This spring, mayhaps, rumor has it?)

Tomorrow: White Fence, Grass Widow, The Appledaughters @ Eclectic


The last show before break. Doors at 8:30, show at 9.

White Fence: You’ll probably wonder if you went back to the 1960s. White Fence will give you semi-deranged and distorted psychedelic garage rock that is definitely influenced by that decade. Tim Presley and his touring band work together to create something that is not really like that of the present. No obvious bleep bloops, just some good ol’ rock n roll, ya know?… With some strange sensibilities. Sometimes.

Grass Widow:Grass Widow is an all-girl band comprised of three members who share vocal duties, and individually play guitar, bass, and drums. With these instruments, they create lo-fi post-punk with ethereal vocal harmonies. If you liked Wild Flag (or missed them), you’ll probably want to come to this. Or even more if you wish Dum Dum Girls or Vivian Girls were a little more melodic–here’s your band.

The Appledaughters: Opening the show will be Wesleyan’s own Appledaughters, made up of Sam Long ’12 and Howe Pearson ’12, bringing their unique rock/folk/electronic blend. How do I even describe this? Listen to them, it’s pleasant.