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Big Tree at BuHo

The following comes from Eliana Theodorou ’12:

  • Big Tree, Oberlin’s Givers of Sweet Love, and Wesleyan’s own Almonds and Elephants will be playing a show tonight at BuHo, at 10:30
  • “you know those times in your life when you take a step back and look at your surroundings and suddenly realize how SWEET everything is and you just want to climb to the top of a mountain and shout it out to the world? well, Big Tree does.”
  • …You will too if you let yourself be wooed by Big Tree’s harmonies. Sweet and catchy but not uncomplicated, you’ll find folk, blues and jazz amongst poetic lyrics. Coming from the Bay Area in a bio-diesel fueled van, Big Tree will be playing a show this Saturday at Buddhist House.
  • Opening the show is  Givers of Sweet Love, jazz inspired rock band. Be sure to come in time to dance to soon to be campus classics like Elephant Phuk and Hanging Ballsack.
  • Also opening is Wesleyan’s own Almonds and Elephants. “Owen Callahan is real good at saxophone plus they’ve got a cool band. Rock on dudes” – Eli Hetko ’11 “I’m not involved. I’m spacing out on this couch.” – Jenny Huang ’11

The show’s listed on facebook, and you can scope some fine musical offerings from Big Tree, Givers of Sweet Love, and Almonds and Elephants here, here, and here, respectively.

  • Date: Tonight, April 2
  • Time: 10:00 PM – 2:00 AM
  • Place: Buddhist House
  • Cost: Free