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Dismemberment Plan + Das Racist = ???

A life of pastabilities? Not quite.

I fucking love the Dismemberment Plan. You probably love Das Racist. Combine the two, and the results are about as awkward as you’d imagine.

No, there’s no collab in the works—just some video footage (above) of the recently reunited veteran DC band paying homage to an unlikely contemporary influence: Wes’s own Das Racist. The story went down at the band’s Boston gig Friday night, where an extended rendition of “OK Joke’s Over” somehow segued into a hilariously sloppy punk take on DR’s 2009 claim to fame, “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.” “By the end,” Pitchfork reports, “[D-Plan frontman Travis] Morrison was dementedly screaming ‘Chick-fil-A! Chick-fil-A!’ over and over.” NIIIICE.