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It’s a Wonderful KNIFE!

Just in time for what was probably not Jesus’s birthday, two of Wesleyan’s most beloved bands have collaborated to bring you some sounds for the holidays (and just in time to be two days late, I put it on Wesleying!). Static Stamina, already known on campus for their relaxed, laid-back style  (check the highlights from their Shining Hope benefit show [which you guys voted the second-best show of the semester (parenthetical hat trick!)]), releases another masterwork of their melancholy dreampop that’s both witty and seasonal. Meanwhile, The Japanese…covered the dreidel song. And it’s freaking. Awesome. If you haven’t heard it live yet, make it a priority. Until then, download the EP by clicking on the picture of an aged man mounting an erect phallus of some sort. Happy holidays!

Music House Bi-Annual Cinco De Mayo Celebration

Even I’m not entirely sure what’s going on at Music House tonight, and I’m playing in it, so I’ll just say you should be there:

In the Spring, Music House threw the raucously successful (and batshit crazy) Cinco de Mayo Celebration-o. And now the best Mexican holiday of the fall is finally here: Cinco de Noviembro.

We’re going hard, Mexican style. What’s that mean? Look at the fucking picture. So remember, remember, the fifth of Noviembro. That should be your mantra in case you’re so gone that all you recall from this night is the part where you were confused which band was which.

Bands performing include:

  • The Japanese (You know . . . )
  • The Parents (They’re two of them. And just one of you. So they win.)
  • O Presidente (Won’t be joined by their band of wives, O Primer Mujer.)
  • Ovid American (We’re just as confused as you are.)
  • STEHPORP (Debut of exciting new freshman band.)
  • Static Acoustic Stamina (Not affiliated in any way with Static Stamina.)
  • Fuck Connecticut (Fuck the Hartford Sheraton too.)
  • Vagimond (It’s a mix of the words Vagina and Diamond and features Caitlin Palmer ’13 rapping. So if that’s appealing in any way . . . )


Come out and celebrate fall’s arrival at FALLAPALOOZA-an evening of music and food on the CFA Green!

Sponsored by the 2013 Class Council. Featuring a delicious meal from Bon Appetit for a meal or points swipe!

And music from the all-sophomore bands Thelonious Funk, Bones Complex, The Japanese, and Linus. And, the sophomore wanna-be’s, the Clover Street Band!

Free Wesleyan 2013 t-shirts for sophomores, so bring your WesID! In celebration of the class of 2013, but open to all!

  • Date: Saturday, Sept. 25
  • Time: 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM
  • Place: CFA Green