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Last Last Minutes Bar Night

It has really start to hit home that the year is drawing to a close. Crazy, no? Well, for all of you who have been coming out to the Shadow Room on Wednesday nights to see some great Wesleyan musicians do what they do (and for all of you who haven’t been coming out yet but want to), there will be one last chance this year to see a variation on Wesleyan’s own The Last Minutes, known as the Ben Block Solo Trio (and friends) for these magical evenings. Cheap drinks and good music. What a way to spend a Wednesday night.

Date: Wednesday, April 21st
Time: 10PM
Place: The Shadow Room (170 Main St)
Cost: free

Wesleyan bands take it to the road

Oh, spring break. Weather’s getting warm, trees are budding, flowers are blooming, and birds are chirping. And taking a hint from those baby birds who are taking wing and flying from the nest, Wes bands Duchampion, The Last Minutes, Apache Kid, Metacomet, and Ishmael are using this break as an opportunity to sing their songs in new and exciting locations. For those of you in Boston, New York, and Philadelphia who are feeling a little homesick for Wesleyan already, check out the tour dates after the jump to see when you’ll have the opportunity for a little Wes love.  I’m not listing college shows, as they might not be accessible… Oh, and Aural Wes put up a similar post with some more info on some of the bands, so if you’re curious about any of the individual bands you should check that out here.

Bar Night 2.0

Head over to The Shadow Room tonight to dance along to the grooves of the Ben Block Solo Trio (aka The Last Minutes served with a twist) and partake in the ages-old tradition of bar night.  Musical guests abound, bringing to the table everything from rap to harmonica.  $3 well drinks before 11… That pretty much sums it up.

Time: 10pm
Date: February 17th
Place: The Shadow Room, 170 Main St
Cost: however much you decide to spend on booze…

Bar Night: The Last Minutes @ The Shadow Room

Music, friends, and all the (liquid) things that you think of when you think of bar night.  What a splendid combination!

Tonight that combination will be show in its ideal form at The Shadow Room on Main St, lead by a splendidly jammy set by The Last Minutes, who will be joined by several special musician-about-campus guests (you have to come down yourself to find out who).

If you have managed to never see The Last Minutes before and want to check them out before heading down to Main St, you can do so here: http://www.myspace.com/lastminutesthe

Also, did you know it’s groundhog day? Well, Aural Wes reminded me, and I realized that either outcome is a great motivator to come down and partake in the splendor of a musical bar night.  I don’t know whether the beast saw it’s shadow or what, but come down to either celebrate the imminent coming of spring or to attempt to forget that we have several solid weeks of winter ahead.

Date: February 3

Time: 10:30PM

Place: The Shadow Room, 170 Main St

Cost: nothin’

The Last Minutes and Ishmael take the Big Apple

In the city this weekend?  Then come see The Last Minutes and Ishmael, two budding Wesleyan bands, play at the Sidewalk Cafe in NYC with no cover (I have been told that the last two words are magic).

The Last Minutes are Bella Loggins, Ryan Rodger, Katherine McDonald, and Ben Block

(They’re also playing at Eclectic tonight, opening for Savoir Adore and Grandchildren)


Ishmael is Jordan Lewis and Andy Werle, along with Aaron Silberstein of NYU and Nick Otte ofMcGill


Where: Sidewalk Cafe, 94 Avenue A, NYC
: 8PM
: Free

Friday Night Concert Fun

Come Friday we will have finished the first full week back. You have fought with professors for classes, bargain hunted for books, and braved a monsoon. Come celebrate your success (and survival) with:

Savoir Adore

Playful, dreamy pop music. Vocals that weave around danceable instrumentation.


World beat influenced music with delicately ambient vocals that is magically fluid throughout the musical chairs of instrument switching that happens mid-song.

The Last Minutes

Funk driven rock ‘n’ roll, frisky, groovin’ fun to get your body moving. Featuring Wesleyan’s own Ryan Rodger, Bella Loggins, Katherine McDonald, and Ben Block.

Date: Friday, January 29

Time: 10 PM

Place: Eclectic

No cover, just good times.