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BandCampWes: House Party — the Band, Not the Movie — Drops “No Forever/I’m Ready, Darling”

“Inspired by mutual love of auto castration and top 40 hits.”


I really like this album. Not just sorta like it, but I really like it. The band is House Party, the album is called “No Forever/I’m Ready, Darling,” and it was made by Razor Edwards ’10 (of Precision Libido fame), Jeff Rovinelli ’10 (of The Noms fame), and current Brown University student Tim Rovinelli (Brown ’13).  It was recorded over a year, includes samples from Christina Perri, and most of it was recorded with a homemade gaggle of electronics, which, by the sound of most of the album, I’m going to go ahead and assume must’ve looked similar to Satan’s genitalia.

The music itself has, at times, a chilled out almost shoegaze-y feel (see “3pm (puma automatic)”), but this facade slowly gets peeled away during the track “love you (christina perri).” After a somewhat benign intro, the album seems to become a small exercise in audio engineering and distorted pop. This is all well and good, but it is during the third track when it becomes evident here that chaos reins supreme.

Sewing Machines, Tall Tales at WestCo Cafe

The Sewing Machines and Tall Tales were going to play at Eclectic tonight with the Noms and Decora, but, you know, this.

So they’ve relocated to WestCo Cafe, which is only just large enough for two bands but still solid as a venue. From Aural Wes:

If civil disobedience isn’t enough to get you out of your rooms and into the Cafe, then the music definitely should. Under the leadership of Future Folk, the Cafe is going to become a real venue again. Sounding the horns of revolution are Sewing Machines, featuring Jake Gold, Ted Feldman, Max Horwich, Max Lavine, Jess Jones, Sam Moss, Brian Papish, Sylvia Ryerson, Ben Seretan, Eric Sherman, Ian Staub, and Adam Tinkle. Driven by folksy guitar and an incredibly diverse instrumentation, Sewing Machines sweat catchy hooks and rich harmonies that will have you toe-tapping and humming the choruses hours later.

Tall Tales features Fareed Sajan, Adam Tinkle, and Joshua Koenig, and according to their myspace, “potential for other members to be added.” This band is a little more ambient, sounding what I assume a hybridization of Grizzly Bear’s Yellow House and Sparklehorse would sound like. Definitely do not miss it.

So sound the horns of revolution, be active in supporting Wesleyan’s vibrant music scene, and no matter how much the administration tries to take it away, we can prove that we can keep it alive.

Date: Thursday, March 5
Time: 10:00 pm
Place: WestCo Cafe

"Give It to Me Hardcore" show at Eclectic

In what’s being billed as “a radical queercore and punk rock explosion,” The Noms and Precision Libido are to perform at the “Give It to Me Hardcore” show this Friday. More on Facebook.

The Noms and Precision Libido will be rocking the fuck out in the noisiest, angriest, friendliest, sexiest, and sex-positivlieist of ways. There will be special guest performances, too. This concert has to end at midnight (when everything goes all pumpkin-shaped), so be fashionable, by all means, but don’t be late.

The Noms is Max Krafft ’09, Jeff Rovinelli ’10, Daniel Selsam ’09, Thaddeus Ruzicka ’08, Jared Paul ’11, and Josh Koenig ’09.

Precision Libido is Rayna Edwards ’10, Elissa Martel ’10, and Aliza Simons ’09.

Date: Friday, Dec. 12
Time: 9:00 PM – midnight
Place: Eclectic

[Via Aliza Simons ’09.]

The noms present "15 minutes of" at 9 pm

Max Krafft ’10 sends in some info about a sweet-sounding fifteen-minute show that is playing in just over an hour from post time. So get there right on time, and then leave and go do your homework.

The noms are playing their debut concert tonight at Eclectic, a free performance titled “15 minutes of,” which will start precisely at 9 and end at 9:15. The band is made up of Max Krafft ’09, Jeff Rovinelli ’10, Josh Koenig ’09, Thaddeus Ruzicka ’08, Dan Selsam ’09, and Jared Paul ’11, who play some kind of mostly queer, moderately danceable, mathematically complex, post-modern-theory-inspired hardcore.

Unlike every other concert in the history of Wesleyan, this one will actually start on time.

facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=37381700372
myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/wearethenoms
dedut recording: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=4EJWIMFL