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Wescam launched last Thursday and although it’s only been 6 days since then, I haven’t entered a single public space on campus without overhearing the noun (Wescam), the verb (wescam), the preterite form of the verb (wescammed), the gerund (wescamming), the adjective (wescammy), and/or occasionally the adverb (wescamly). And, as I mentioned in my previous announcement post, we are doing a write in!

Our past write-ins have been some of our most viewed articles ever. The Orgasm Chronicles now has 41,890 views. WOW.

How this works: (1) Submit an anonymous entry to the Google form after the jump, (2) Make sure you tell us a Wescam story; you won’t be posted if this isn’t tangentially or totally Wescam related, (3) Tell your friends and wescams to write in! We don’t always get a high enough volume of quality entries to warrant a post, and that should not happen. So tell people to submit!

The Orgasm Chronicles, Part 2


Winter is coming, which means for a lot of people on campus, it’s cuffing season!

As the original Orgasm Chronicles post said, “With so many orgasms on the horizon, let’s take a look back through the sexual histories of a few brave Wes students by asking just two simple questions: What is the story of the first time you came? And what is the story of the most recent time you came?”

Under an alias, these orgasm adventurers recounted their stories for our reading pleasure.

Write-In: The Orgasm Chronicles, Part 2


If you’re a frequent visitor of Wesleying, you might have noticed our sidebar’s most popular post: The Orgasm Chronicles.

 Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 2.18.53 PM

The article has been there for about six months straight, but now it’s time for a sequel.

Send us the story of your very first orgasm and your most recent orgasm. There’s no need to give your real name (unless you’re v brave), just use your initials/a pseudonym and your class year.

Submit your orgasm stories here!