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Student at CU-Boulder Strikes Back About Tuition

Mr. Krabs! Like OMGZ SPONGEBOBZ!Let’s face it, from here at Wesleyan to around the world, tuition is high and it keeps getting higher.  Not everyone sucks it up and has their hipster dad fill out an eCheck on their portfolio though:

on Friday, a sophomore at the University of Colorado, Boulder, found a symbolic way to strike back.

The student, Nic Ramos, paid his entire spring semester tuition — all $14,309.51 of it — using dollar bills, a 50-cent piece and a penny.

“It kind of started as a joke,” said Mr. Ramos, an economics major.

“But when I thought about it more,” he said, “it’s just an absurd amount of money. I wanted to give the school a different way to look at tuition.”

It took Mr. Ramos two days to withdraw the money from several banks. He said that when he walked into the bursar’s office on Friday morning with a 33-pound duffel bag full of cash, the tellers were stunned.

According to a university spokesman, Bronson Hilliard, it took three people nearly an hour to count the money.

I don’t know if the Office of Student Financial Services at Wesleyan would appreciate–or even accept–that.  Also, I have to admit I laughed out loud (LOL-ed as the cool kids say) when I read “all 14,309.51 of it.”  That’s so much less than our tuition that it probably shouldn’t even be funny.


East College: just barely to the east?

Sheek’s investigative blogging has raised some interesting questions among the 20+ comments we’ve received so far. Among them: is East College really east of the other colleges? My cursory look at Google Maps suggests that it’s only slightly so:
If you instead consider the directions as relative to the original buildings (North and South College), and use their positions as the North-South axis, I’d say that East College is cut pretty much down the middle, making it “West/East College”.

But then again, maybe the intent was just to have North-South, and East-West, relations. In that sense, East College is perfectly named in opposition to West College.