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Submit to The Pedestrian by April 12

Davy Knittle ’11 wants you to submit to The Pedestrian:

1a. THE PEDESTRIAN is a literary magazine.

1b. Furthermore, it’s a literary magazine that has already chosen a theme. The Spring 2008 Issue will be The Mechanical Issue, but it also responds to the name, “The Penultimate Issue.” Submissions are due April 12.

2a. THE PEDESTRIAN will accept almost any sort of creative work that can be conveyed on a plane.

2b. I mean, like on a two-dimensional sheet of paper: a paper plane.

2c. I mean, creative work like a short story or a long poem or a medium length piece of creative non-fiction.

2d. Or photographs or drawings or paintings.

2e. But not mobiles, shadowboxes, or sculptures.

3. Work can be submitted to up five different locations:

Box 92343
Box 90336

4a. All proceeds will go to the Faintly Missing Bob Weisz Foundation.

4b. And I’m certain there will be no proceeds.