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Margolin ’11, Smolen ’10 Start Sketch Comedy Group

“I thought I was gonna be the Wookie.”

Why get a job after graduation when you can just start a sketch comedy group and spend your days filming snappy shorts about vengeful carpentry customers and awkward first dates?

Josh Margolin ’11, a Gag Reflex alumnus who probably isn’t the biggest stranger to sketch comedy (see: “Laugh Track,”Enrolled”), has done just that by launching The Skinny Goodmans, an LA-based sketch comedy group formed with Benjamin Smolen ’10 and some other dude who didn’t go to Wesleyan and therefore hardly warrants being mentioned by name (fine, it’s William). You can check out the group’s recent YouTube creations here, of which my favorite is “Harrison Ford Carpentry” (above), a rather brooding meditation on carpentry, loneliness, and a remorseful Harrison Ford. Click here for the Goodmans’ fan page, and scroll on for Margolin’s pitch (and a few other sample vids).