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HIST398: Need Blind Admissions and the Modern Production of the History of Activism

Happy “Why is Water on Everything Outside?” Day, dear readers.

Sunday’s informational and planning meeting concerning the upcoming need blind policy change totally happened. To briefly summarize: the meeting began with a summary of the proposed rollback and the logic behind it, and was then followed by elaborations, connections, and a range of perspectives from students involved at the end of last semester. Then things transitioned into a brainstorming phase for potential routes of action, documented using the high-tech methods seen in the photo above. Afterwards, the group hashed out loose main categories – Outreach, Media, and Direct Action – under which future work should be divvied out. Each of these groups has a couple point people charged with coordinating those areas at the moment – for their contact information, or to find out how to get involved in general, click past the jump for the full post.

If you want to know exactly what was said, you might want to try watching (or just listening to) video of the meeting, recorded by established campus beard Ben Doernberg ’13. Skip to 1:20 into the first video if, for some strange reason, you don’t want to hear several dozen people recite their names in rapid succession.

If you’d prefer to just read up, click through the jump  for selections from the notes dutifully taken by Campus Menace Wesleying Zach ’13, information on how to get involved, and photos of a bunch of college kids sitting around a table on a Sunday night.