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Olin Thesis Carrel Assignments Emailed Out

This post mostly concerns the senior thesis writers among us (and their current or future paramours who may be interested in hooking up in a thesis carrel this year).

Thanks to an anonymous tipbox contribution (and many of my classmates who gleefully announced they got a carrel) we now know that Olin thesis carrel assignments were emailed out this afternoon.

Unlike in previous years when a list of carrel assignments and the waiting list were posted only as a sheet of paper in Olin, this year’s lucky carrel recipients received individual emails alerting them of carrel assignments, while those who didn’t get a carrel (aka me) have yet to hear anything official (email after the jump).

The Thesis Carrel Gods Have Delivered Their Mandate!

There might be a little more than 95 thesis carrels, and there’s bound to be even more theses, so maybe my image choice was inappropriate for this post. However, I know that many of my fellow ’18ers have yet to make the trek to Olin to realize their fate in the yearly reaping regarding thesis carrel assignments, which is why I’m posting pictures of the carrel assignments on this blog.

Honestly, fuck the rest of this intro. Here’s who got a carrel and who’s on the waitlist:

Here’s Who Got a Thesis Carrel (And Who Is on the Waitlist)

Moment of silence to all of those who will have to use the Exley basement shower as their thesis carrel.


The entrance label of the thesis carrel of DP’16.

Hi seniors. As if we didn’t make this clear with our record number of THESICRAZY interviews last year, we care immensely about chronicling the most wretched and rewarding part of your Senior year.

Carrel applications were due a week and a half ago. And now people know their fates.For those who don’t know much about the process, here’s a tidbit from the library website:

THESISCRAZY 2014 (Part 2): “I Want to Go Outside.”

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 11.05.25 AM

I thought it might be dangerous for a soon-to-be-senior to interview the thesis writers. Could their red, sleepless eyes and stacks of crumpled paper deter me from (hopefully) putting myself in the same predicament next April? Luckily, the thesis writers I interviewed were calm, content, and eager to talk about their work. I did not find any stacks of crumpled paper, but I did find a biography of Nancy Reagan, a photograph of a baby, and two thesis carrels with new inhabitants.  

To see more THESISCRAZY features from previous years, check them out here.

Are you a senior thesis writer who wants to get interviewed within the next 2-3 days (cough, any NSM majors, cough)? Email staff(at)wesleying(dot)org!

THESISCRAZY: The Sweet Sweet Sexin’ Edition

Think writing is the only thing going on in those thesis carrels? Think again.

You’ve heard about theses about sex. You’ve also heard about theses that are not about sex. But have you heard about the sex… about theses? (‘About’ there being used as a preposition to indicate proximity or nearness, and here being used to indicate overly pretentious grammatical analysis.)

Anyway, if you’re a senior frantically trying to make whole chapters coherent (or written), you received a survey a few weeks ago (inspired by this old Argus article from the 1995) about how much sweet sweet sexin’ you’ve been getting in your carrel (or not carrel) in between the coffee runs. About 20 percent of you managed to fill it out, and by the looks of it the rest of you were too busy bangin’ to complete the survey. Here are the results, with a few choice excerpts:

Have you ever had sex in your carrel?    Yes: 48% (56% at least masturbated)


“Yep. Haven’t really been able to concentrate in my carrel ever since.”

“Yes. I’ve spent more time having sex in my carrel than working there.”

“yes, oral. but planning on having vaginal intercourse in my carrel soon.”

“Yes, both masturbation and with a partner. We found the chair and desk especially useful surfaces.”


Universal plans for April 12? “To give zero fucks about anything.”

It’s that time of year when seniors begin to pull their hair out (literally), sleep under their desks, and string together crazy amounts of run-on sentences that make English teachers everywhere shudder.

Welcome to THESISCRAZY, the feature where we, the fearless writers of Wesleying, maneuver our way into the corners of campus where thesis writers work live and hit them with rapid-fire questions about their theses.

Read after the jump to see the first installment.

The Verdict is Out: Thesis Carrel Assignments

Speaking of Thesiscrazy, Judgment Day is finally here: the earthly guardians of Olin Library have decided who gets a thesis carrel and who must wander like the nomads of old. The list is posted on the door of the Olin Library Office, but to save you the trip, we’ve also posted it below (courtesy of Melody’s iPhone). If you didn’t get a carrel, rest assured that your spot on the wait list is unquestionably above mine.

Here’s the process, according to the library website:

In Olin there are 94 single closed carrels and 6 doubles; so 106 students can be accommodated in closed carrels in Olin.

Since 170 or more senior Honors candidates are eligible for a carrel, and most apply for one, to be as fair as possible, Olin carrels are assigned by lottery each fall.  Eligible seniors who are not assigned a carrel are put on a waiting list.  If a carrel becomes free during the academic year, the next student on the waiting list is offered the carrel.