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THESISCRAZY 2018 (Part 3): Artsy Theses

Welcome back to Thesis Crazy 2018! It’s been a little slow, but we have about 40 interviews left for you all to see, so these next few days are gonna be mad busy. You know who else is mad busy this weekend? Thesis writers. Don’t forget to block out time to PRINT OUT YOUR THESES. I just learned that’s a thing. It’s 2017, but I’m all for analog theses.

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Come w/ me and get your thesis

THESISCRAZY 2018 (Part 2): My Grandma’s a Badass

Sara in her thesis carrel talking about how badass her grandma is.

Welcome to the second installment of THESISCRAZY 2018! You thought we died because there hasn’t been a post in a week, but you were wrong! The thesis writers in this post are pheNOMENAL so get ready to ~dive into their lives~. We’re in the final stretch (one week left!!!!)

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THESISCRAZY 2015: It’s Over, Let’s Get Drunk

2015-04-10 15.59.00Theses are over, and (most) everyone is pumped. In true Wesleyan tradition, thesis writers (and many many others) gathered on the steps of Olin this afternoon to celebrate the 4 P.M. deadline with copious drinking, delirious hugging, and a rendition of the fight song. The festivities began a few minutes early with Virgil Taylor ’15 toasting his classmates with a joyous “Fuck all of you!” before popping his champagne. For many thesis writers, today was preceded by long stretched devoid of sleeping, eating and/or showering, which might explain everyone eagerness to soak both their insides and outsides with champagne.

To all thesis writers, congratulations!

Look after the jump for pictures of the celebrations!

THESISCRAZY 2014 (PART 4): “Remember, Fascism No-Likey The Women”

photo 1(1) Welcome to the fourth installment of THESISCRAZY 2014, the feature where we interview thesis writers in the midst of their last minute panic. To see our first three THESISCRAZY features for this year, click here, here, and here. To see previous years of THESISCRAZINESS, click here. If you’re interested in doing a THESISCRAZY interview, email staff(at)wesleying(dot)org!