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Third Wheel Drops Psychedelic EP on This Fine Day

Can you think of a better way to celebrate this completely arbitrarily chosen day than with some new Wes psychedelic rock?

Third Wheel, comprised of Adrien DeFontaine ’13, Molly Balsam ’14, and John Snyder ’12, have just bestowed us with a two-song EP entitled “Tapes Vol. 1.” And it sounds fantastic. This ain’t your parents’ psychedelic rock. Just wait for the fast part in “Voltron Complex.” You’ll love it.

The band has been floating around all year, performing at first semester’s Awesomefest (that’s them in the pic), opening for Teenage Cool Kids and Dive, and sharing the stage with Lioness a few weeks ago. Here’s hoping for a “Tapes Vol. 2” at some point. Stream the EP below and click here to download for free or for money if you’re super nice. It’s got art by Dan Obzejta ’12 and it’s engineered by Daniel Sullivan ’13.

Teenage Cool Kids, DIVE, and Third Wheel @ Eclectic

After the dust of Awesomefest has settled and another thirty-odd avant-wtf student band projects have come and gone (are you in one of them? me too), reflect on this: some of those bands may stick around for a few months or a year. Some of them may reemerge on fantastic billings like this one, where Third Wheel (Adrien DeFontaine ’13, Molly Balsam ’14, John Snyder ’12: get it?) gets the esteemed pleasure of opening for some of Texas and Brooklyn’s respective finest, Teenage Cool Kids and Dive. Wesleying’s 2012 concert series continues with this excellent freeby:

Come to Eclectic this Saturday to see some up and coming rock bands hailing from Texas and Brooklyn. And your friends, too.

Headlining this show will be Teenage Cool Kids, all from Denton, Texas. They also [expletive removed] rule.

DIVE is the new side project from Z. Cole Smith, the guitarist from the hazy, lo-fi Brooklyn band Beach Fossils. DIVE, also a four-piece from Brooklyn, could be described with those adjectives, but Cole trades a carefree vibe for a more dreary one with his new band, yet keeps a similar hazy, lo-fi quality. DIVE’s downbeat, darker sound is the result of Cole’s solitary summer in which he surrounded himself with the likes of Nirvana, Faust, and Lucinda Williams, but dreams of things like aliens and spirits. And somehow, this is what he ended up with.


“Welcome to Awesomefest, where novelty-bordering-on-experimentation rules the day along with Whatever Crazy Loud Shit Howe’s Doing Now, Holy Fuck”

Saturday. 11.12.11. In which, by some divine decree, WestCo’s 8th Day of the Week and Eclectic’s Awesomefest are to take place on the same majestic Saturday, in one phantasmic explosion of sex, drugs, and chillwave. In which Wesleying’s adjunct associate Giant R. Joint Critic of Arts and Entertainment/reluctant birthday boy A-Batte sets out to witness, ponder, and document all things musical in a 12-hour span while both moshing and taking notes but not developing severe tinnitus. In which Teebs shows up, drops more Brainfeeder than Jamaica’s got mangoes, kicks bottom, and leaves. In which eleven mighty bands form for one dizzying array of talent, cacophony, and running-back-and-forth-between-two-stages. In which We Are Chants! We! Are! Chants! We! Are! Chants! We! Are! Chants! In which Wesleyan’s music scene does what it’s supposed to do.

Yeah, whatever. Scroll on for full coverage: words by A-Batte, images by Zach and Rachel Pincus ’13, and musics by You. Great job, You! Let’s do it again sometime. (This spring, mayhaps, rumor has it?)