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DIIV and Painted Zeros @ Eclectic

Continuing the fall concert lineup, Chelsie Green ’14 insists you attend tomorrow night’s show at Eclectic. But actually, it’s amazing that this show is free:

Come see these spiritually-attuned and musically-inclined individuals play for free this Thursday at 10pm at Eclectic.

DIIV: Not exactly just another four-piece band from Brooklyn. Since coming to Wes back in February, not only has their name changed from Dive to DIIV, but their popularity has increased — a lot. After receiving a “Best New Music” rating from Pitchfork on their debut album, Oshin, the band has traveled all over the country and world with their lo-fi shoegaze sound. DIIV is the result of lead vocalist/guitarist Cole Smith’s solitary summer in which he surrounded himself with the likes of Nirvana, Faust, and Lucinda Williams (and dreams of things like aliens and spirits). The band prides itself on being made up of all water signs.

Painted Zeros: This band consists of Vassar graduates who create similarly lo-fi dream pop. The band was born after lead vocalist/guitarist Katie Lau and bassist Andy Dymond went on a hike, went “semi-delirious,” and saw certain images that inspired them to make this music.

Date: Thursday, October 11
Time: 10 pm – 12 pm
Location: Eclectic
Cost: FREE