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Spring Fling Committee Starts Charging Money for Guest Passes, Because Kendrick

“A Kendrick ticket alone at a normal concert is going to cost about twice this price, so it’s a good steal.”

In a move that has pissed off a few students and stunned no one, Spring Fling Committee has begun charging money for guest passes, which have been bumped from $0 to $20 faster than you can say “Cooper Union’s tuition.” The news matter-of-factly popped up on this blog last Tuesday, in a post by killofrights (who, I should disclose, is a member of Spring Fling Committee):

Guest passes for non-students are now on sale at the Usdan box office. Tickets cost $20, and there is a limit of one guest ticket per student. You can charge it right to your student account. Get ‘em while you can, because guest passes will sell out.

Readers were quick to point out that no one has ever had to pay for guest passes in previous years, a fact slyly obscured by the committee’s announcement, and besides, Spring Fling Committee is just a bunch of evil hipster goons who probably wear sunglasses indoors. Everyone knows that.

According to co-chair Dylan “Dreamhost” Bostick ’13, the committee had to go above and beyond its original budget to snag this year’s lineup.

Here’s How to Buy Tickets For Danny Brown and Kitty Pryde “Making Out Onstage for an Hour”

No, you can’t exchange Adderall for tickets.

Yes, loudmouth weirdo Detroit rapper Danny Brown and 19-year-old Florida Tumblr-Wave sensation Kitty Pryde are coming to Eclectic on Thursday night. Yes, you can buy tickets with $5 (small bills, for the love of Ghostface) starting in Usdan tomorrow. Yes, Mr. Brown and Ms. Pryde are apparently dating not dating after all (they met over Twitter, and this will be their first show together). Yes, Tumblr-Wave is apparently a thing now. And yes, Kitty Pryde did actually post this in the Facebook event:

Danny Brown is probably the first chip-toothed rapper to compose romantic metaphors involving bulls, matadors, and “a pregnant Labrador,” while Kitty Pryde is definitely still in high school in Daytona Beach. If nothing else, this will be probably the weirdest hip hop event since Mr. Mothafuckin’ eXquire materialized in Eclectic last Spring. You can get tickets in Usdan beginning tomorrow (they’ll probably go fast). 

Today in Usdan: Future Islands/Cloud Nothings Tix for Sale

Uh hey guys did you know The Future Treasure Islands and Cloud Everything are comin to Electric House this Thursday night!!!? Yeah so the Ed Gein Music Beat is opening, it’s supposed to be a real fun time, and you can still buy your ticket for five doll hairs! This music performance is starting at 9 pm sharp (seriously!!!!!!!)  and Cal “The Gifmaker” Hickox ’15 will be in Usdan today and tomorrow selling some freaking tickets:

The few tickets we have left will be sold from 12 to 1:15 Wednesday and Thursday on ground floor Usdan. Look for me or Sky Stallbaumer ’12 sitting at one of the little tables with some subtle signage that reads “FUTURE ISLANDS + CLOUD NOTHINGS TIX–$5.” If there happen to be any tickets left after Thursday lunch, they will be sold at the door. At this point, your ticket reservation doesn’t mean you are guaranteed a ticket. It’s first come, first served now. You snooze, you lose y’all. If you seriously can’t get to either of these times and are worried you won’t get a ticket, email sstallbaumer(at)wes and chickox(at wes and we will figure something out.

This show is on a Thursday, so it has to end at midnight, meaning our set times will be strictly enforced so we can ensure full sets from the headliners:

Oh Shit: Cloud Nothings, Future Islands Tix Up For Grabs

Summary: Reserve tickets online. Pick ’em up for $5 in Usdan. Apply to Concert Committee.

Hot diggity damn: Baltimore-based synthpop trio Future Islands, Steve Albini-approved indie-turned-noise rock project Cloud Nothings (whose Attack on Memory is seriously an attack on every other album I’ve heard this year), and total-mystery-to-me openers Ed Schrader’s Music Beat are coming to Eclectic next Thursday night for what is being billed as “the last big-ass concert at Eclectic.” I believe it. Tickets are available for $5 and, as usual this concert season, reservable via Aural Wes’ Ticketleap site. (That’s not the whole purchase. You have to pick them up in Usdan, which requires $5 cash.)

For more information on the acts themselves, you can hustle on over to Aural Wes, which succinctly states that “if you’re trying your best to get sweaty before finals, this is definitely the show to do it at.” Meanwhile, Sky Stallbaumer ’12 writes in about ticket pickup details. HE EXPLAINS THINGS IN ALL CAPS TO DENOTE THAT HE IS NOT FOOLING AROUND:

Future Islands and Cloud Nothings tickets that were already reserved online can be picked up THIS WEDNESDAY starting at noon in Usdan. From here on out, all the important stuff is in caps.


No Age / EULA Tickets Available For Reserve Online

Beloved LA-based noiseniks, spastic Brooklyn newcomers to host Scalia after-party. Tix for $5, reservable now. Can you dig it?

Wesleyan rocktimists, pay heed: No Age, the massively acclaimed Sub Pop-based noise-punk duo behind 2007’s Nouns and 2010’s Everything in Between, is set to perform in Eclectic Haus this Thursday for a night of sweat, passion, and tinnitus—and probably the most cacophonous rock show this side of Lightning Bolt or Titus.

EULA, an utterly frantic up-and-coming three-piece from New Haven, will open. The band has recently opened for the likes of Mission of Burma, and it tastes more or less “like post-punk-pre-historic-medium-gauge-no-wave, with a splash of lemon.” (The real opener, though, is Antonin Scalia, whose much-discussed lecture in Memorial Chapel is expected to end at least forty minutes before this show begins. Yes, you can attend both, and what a night that would be.)

Tickets are available to reserve online now. Pickup will be in Usdan this coming week at times TBA. (They’re $5 cash upon pickup—not free.)

Antonin Scalia Tickets Available Tomorrow Morning

Lecture planned for March 8; Supreme Court bounce workshop indefinitely postponed.

As we’ve previously reported round these parts, Associate Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is giving the university’s Hugo L. Black Lecture on Freedom of Expression, which will take place at 8:00 pm in the Memorial Chapel on Thursday, March 8. The event promises to be one of the most anticipated lectures of the academic year (I suppose you could cast your memory back to Elie Wiesel’s impassioned 2010 lecture for a rough comparison), but it has also prompted some healthy speculation as to how Scalia’s noted conservatism will mesh with our dear little college. One alumnus commenter likened the event to “Daniel appearing at a lion’s convention”; President Roth was a bit more measured in his commentary:

“I think it’s really important for Wesleyan to bring speakers to campus who don’t just preach to the choir, who don’t necessarily fit into what people think Wesleyan students think,” Roth said. “Bringing a Supreme Court justice to campus is a good thing because the justices are in positions to see the world and act on their perspectives in ways that are crucial to the country, whether we agree with them or not.”

It’ll be an interesting Q&A, for sure—for those who can actually make it. Tickets are going on “sale” (they’re free) tomorrow at 10:00 am at the Usdan Box Office, but good luck on the mission: there are 500 seats in Chapel, of which only 175 are reserved for students. Set an alarm for this one, and set it earlier than 9:55. (As the Argus reported this week, “The lecture will also be broadcast live in the Goldsmith Family Cinema, the Center for the Arts [CFA] Hall, and in the Public Affairs Center [PAC] rooms 001 and 002. Tickets for the 200 student seats in the Goldsmith Cinema will be available at the box office on Thursday.”)

To my knowledge, Scalia is the only Supreme Court Justice of any political persuasion to appear on campus in at least 15 years or so. The late Justice Harry A. Blackmun, who famously authored Roe v. Wade, spoke in Crowell Concert Hall in early 1993, just a week into the Clinton administration and a year before Blackmun’s retirement from the court.

The 24 Hour Plays

While you were sleeping, six one-act plays were written and rehearsed, lines were memorized, and light cues were set.

Come see the end of these short plays assembled in just 24 hours Saturday night  at 7 pm in the ’92 theater. Tickets available at the box office at the door.

Sleep is for the weak.

Date: Saturday
Time: 7 pm – 8:30 pm
Place: ’92 Theater
Cost: Free


Thursday night: former Sleater-Kinney/Helium/Minders members + current Real Estate member converge for riot grrrl/garage rock/lo-fi extravaganza. Tickets $5, available online now.

This just in from the Wesleyan Concert Gods: Wild Flag, the critically acclaimed new supergroup allying ex-members of seminal riot grrrl acts Sleater-Kinney and Helium with Rebecca Cole of The Minders, is set to perform at Eclectic this Thursday in what will almost certainly be the loudest show this side of Lightning Bolt.

Ducktails, the reverb-drenched project of Real Estate’s Matthew Mondanile, is set to open, along with Wesleyan’s own Grand Father.

Tickets are available online now. Pickup will be in Usdan later this week for $5. More deets/vids/links below.

T-MINUS ONE HOUR: Yo La Tengo ticket giveaway

After a week chock-full of free and awesome musical events, I’m sure that, as a whole, the campus community is tired of this crap. It’s about time you went to see a show for free somewhere outside of walking distance, right? Lucky for you, WESU (frosh, apathetics: the Wesleyan-run community radio, 88.1 FM) knows what’s up:

WESU Middletown will be giving away a pair of tickets to the 9/23 Yo La Tengo show at Toad’s Place in New Haven.  The giveaway will take place during Wonderland, which airs 10:30 PM to midnight.  Listeners can tune in either over the airwaves via 88.1 FM or via the station’s 24/7 live stream, available at http://wesufm.org.

Date: Toniiiight
Time: 10:30 PM – 12:00 AM
Place: WESU Middletown, 88.1 FM or http://wesufm.org

Listen in! Even if you aren’t going for the tickets, make a habit of tuning in online (or the old-fashioned way) once in a while – with alternative news outlet programming all day and musical programs put on by your friends all night, there’s a little somethin’ for quite a lot of you folk.

Soulive Tix Round 2 (ding ding)

After ticket sales were cut short last week, the rest of the Soulive tickets are available starting tomorrow (Monday, so today?) at noon in Usdan. The show itself is THIS FRIDAY, April 2nd, in Beckham at 10pm.

Tickets are $8 in cash, no student accounts, sorry! Oh, and since this has come up a bunch: yes, you can bring non-Wes people. Each Wesleyan student can bring in up to 3 guests. You just have to bind your student ID to their photo IDs and leave all that plastic at the door.

So again. Tickets. $8. Usdan. Lunch times til they’re gone, so get them while the getting’s good.