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Politically Pregnant: A Lecture and Discussion

From Sydney Lewis ’14:

Birth and breastfeeding have recently become a highly politicized issues in the US and will affect most of our lives at some point, yet they are rarely discussed on college campuses. This presentation will feature two prominent birth policy scholars, who will discuss their experiences teaching childbirth education and working in lactation consulting. We’ll learn about approaches, common practices and research regarding birth and breastfeeding in the context of the current culture, media and medical models, and we will open to a group discussion about reproductive medical policy and social movements in the US.

Date: Tuesday, November 13
Time: 6pm
Place: Allbritton 311

Amanda Palmer ’98 on Crowdfunding, the Future of the Music Industry, and Neil Gaiman

“If you really love the people who support your work, they’ll go to the ends of the earth for you.”

Speaking of Kickstarter campaigns, remember that time our very own Amanda Palmer ’98 put up a plea for a modest $100,000 to finance her new album and tour? Instead, the Dresden Dolls frontwoman ended up raising—wait for it—$1,192,793. Sure, you could say there’s a unique cult of fandom surrounding Palmer. Just recall the reaction to her impromptu “ninja gig” in Eclectic last September. Or consider that two donors fronted $10,000 for the chance to have dinner with the singer while she drew a portrait of her guest. But, Palmer says, crowdfunding is a viable model not just for the beloved and few. In a fascinating video interview with TIME, the singer argues, convincingly, thatwe’re really looking at crowdfunding as a new, future model for how musicians and artists can connect with their fans and audiences and put out music.”

“I think this can pretty much work for anyone, but you need to keep your goals pretty realistic,” says Palmer, whose goal turned out to be a hell of a lot more realistic than she realized. For her, the story of independence began when she left her record label after 2008’s Who Killed Amanda Palmer?. She describes her thought process as: “My fanbase is pretty big now. These guys [at the record label] aren’t understanding me. . . . I think it’s time to go and do this myself, and I think I know how to do it.” So she did. And she let her freak flag fly. As TIME points out,

Peter Frank Has Sold The ACB

“Untouchable”? Maybe. Unbuyable? Ermm . . .

Peter Frank ’12—the Wesleyan English major who casually purchased college gossip site “Juicy Campus” for five figures his freshman year and redirected its traffic to CollegeACB.com, which he subsequently expanded to over 500 schools (and 20 million monthly page views)—has officially sold the ACB, according to a “Message from Peter Frank” on the “official blog for CollegeACB.com.” The transition is immediate—new managers will be taking over “in the next day or so.” More from Frank’s post:

I want to alert you that I’m selling my stake in CollegeACB, and that new managers will take over control of the site in the next day or so.

I’m proud of the growth of the site under my watch – from use at only a few schools, to the largest college anonymous confession board in the world, with over 20 million monthly pageviews from over 400,000 unique visitors. Mostly, though, I’m proud of the occasions when the site has helped people share feelings and discuss sensitive topics in a sincere fashion that might not otherwise have been possible.

We’ve certainly had our share of controversy, but we’ve responded to users and have deleted over 30,000 posts, while preserving the site’s essential identity as an open anonymous forum.