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Film Series: Mean Girls

2004. USA. Dir: Mark Waters. With Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams. 97 min.


A naïve teen must navigate high school cliques, crushes, and the draconian rules of Girl World after a lifetime of home schooling abruptly comes to an end. An immensely quotable script by Tina Fey and a hilarious supporting cast make for one of the most essential teen movies in recent memory – it’s so fetch.

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / $5

30 Rock Still <3s Wesleyan

As usual, prime time TV can’t get enough of Wes. According to an anonymous tip, last night’s 30 Rock gave a particularly memorable shout-out:

Liz’s new hot-dog-truck-owning boyfriend went to Wesleyan. Anyone know why NBC likes us so much?

The dialogue in question, from a bit of internet sleuthing, seems to be:

  • I didn’t want him to make fun of you because you went to Wesleyan.
  • Wesleyan is the Harvard of central Connecticut.
  • No, Yale is the Harvard of central Connecticut.

Back in 2009, the show revealed that Dot Com is a Wesleyan alumnus—and honed his acting skills on “Wesleyan Arts Base Main Stage,” whatever that is. Anyone have a video clip of yesterday’s shout-out? [HERE’S THE LINK, SEE 1:50.]

[In other random Wes-media news, Bill Belichick totally notices your Wesleyan sweatshirt, and he likes it. Go Patriots Wes.]

Editorial addition [11.13 AM]:

Good god, Lemon!

– frostedmoose

McCain On SNL

Senator McCain appeared on Saturday Night Live last night alongside Tina Fey as Sarah Palin.

In the opening skit, McCain attempted to raise funds by hosting a QVC show featuring McCain themed purchases to counter Obama’s 1/2 hour ad. A real life Cindy McCain served as the Senator’s jewelry model. The Ayers’ freshner and McCain’s extensive set of pork knives seem particularly appealing! Palin even stepped aside to hock her Palin 2012 t-shirts. Stock up now!

McCain also appeared on Weekend Update.