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The Wesleyan Dream

The TODAY show recently had a series on Education.  Here, they look into a charter school in Harlem and how its students are overcoming obstacles to make their dreams come true.  For at least one such student, that dream is going to Wesleyan.

At about 4:45:

MEREDITH VIERA: You’re a junior, talking about Wesleyan

NATASHA HALL: Yes.  Oh, that’s my dream.  I’m determined to make that happen.

Reflecting on the story at the end of this clip, Viera shows some support for Hall saying “She’ll get in”  (I wonder what the Admissions Office thinks of that statement?).  Regardless, good luck to her.

Watch the video embedded below or on the NBC site.

Also, Geoffrey Canada, the man that most of the video focuses on, is set to be our speaker for the coming Martin Luther King Day 2011.  He is the President and Chief Executive Officer for Harlem Children’s Zone.