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Arthur C. Clarke: the Great Monolith Beyond

Arthur C. Clarke, the guy who kind of helped invent our concept of space, passed away earlier this week in Sri Lanka. Best known for 2001: A Space Odyssey, Clarke was a prolific writer of science fiction and was optimistic, even prophetic, about the role that satellites would eventually play in communications technology and space exploration. Whether his ideas about the direction of human evolution pan out still remains to be seen.

File Under: Way Better Than "Kings"

These days you’ve got to look hard among the silly, fake petition groups (Revolt against donuts!) and silly, useless applications (Grow your own nosehair!) to find anything worthwhile on Facebook. Once in awhile, though, you can run across a diamond in the rough, and this month’s jewel is: Horcruxes (the drinking game). Developed by some devoted–and clearly ingenius– Harry Potter fans at SUNY Plattsburgh, the game (which has a facebook group devoted to it of the same name) has simple rules obviously derived from Kings. But way better. According to the group’s site:

“The new drinking game for Harry Potter fans everywhere:

This game is played with two die. Sit in a circle and have the youngest person roll first.
2- The Twins: you either have to tell a joke or do a dare agreed upon by the rest of the circle in honor of Fred & George Weasley.
3- The Trio: you’re Harry. Pick a Ron and a Hermione to drink with.
4- The Dungeons: last person with their hands to the floor drinks
5- Quidditch: last person with their hands to the ceiling drinks
6- The Slytherin: pick one other person in the circle. they must drink
7- The End of Year Feast: everyone drinks
8- The Marauders Map: everyone lists a Harry Potter character until one is repeated or someone can’t think of one. this person drinks (go clockwise.)
9- The Hogwarts Express: the person that rolls starts drinking, then the next person starts drinking, and so on. you can not stop drinking until the person before you stops drinking. (go clockwise)
10- The Filch: you have to roll the dice and multiply whatever you roll by 3. if you roll doubles you’ve gotten out of detention and don’t have to drink.
11- The Dark Lord: you have gained a Horcrux.
12- Dumbledore’s Army: you have lost a Horcrux.

You begin the game with 1 Horcrux.
If you get to 7 you get to drink the Elixer of Life which will be in the middle of the circle.
Every time you make someone drink, you gain a Horcrux. When you roll an 12, you dump a drink into the middle (the Elixer).
If you’re down to zero Horcruxes you’re out of the game.”

The next time you’re wishing you were in Charms instead of Chemistry, quit taking notes and plan out a Horcruxes party instead. Happy Geek-ing!

We’re 2 SMRT 4 U

Rarely do we at Wesleying ask ourselves:

  • Are we typing smart?
  • Are we posting wisely?

Well, today, I’m going to ask myself that. And the answer:

Probably not.

But hey, the U.S. Postal Service, in cooperation with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, wants you to be SMRT. But not smart enough to know how to spell SMART, apparently. Their 2 SMRT 4 U campaign (which has been around for a while now, I know) is aimed at all those emotional teen girls who post their thoughts and undies online for all to see:

Having your own webpage or blog and using IM may put you in touch with all of your friends. But it could also put you in touch with online predators and cyberbullies. The U.S. Postal Inspection Service and the National Center For Missing & Exploited Children have come together to give you the tools to help protect yourself online. 71% of teens receive messages online from someone they don’t know. Would you know what to do?

Once you get past the pink color scheme, the tug-on-your-heartstrings videos, the inspirational female model, the girl-power slogans, and the utterly sex-biased theme of the entire thing (as if guys don’t blog or use Facebook!), ask yourself:

Are you SMRT? Are you on the lookout for those cyberbullies? We here at Wesleying hope so.

250-lb. cast-iron grate. To your face.

And I thought my 45-minute commute was a pain.
39-year-old Pawel Swierczynski of North Easton, Massachusetts experienced a much more, well, painful kind of pain when a 250-lb. cast-iron sewer grate went crashing through his windshield, and ended up sitting in his backseat. Swierczynski’s being treated for his injuries, and the Massachusetts Highway Department is busy welding down all the state’s catch basin grates as a temporary solution.

I may never complain about traffic again. I’ll be all set as long as a giant hunk of iron doesn’t take my face off.

… But if it does, I’ll take comfort in knowing that Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston will now perform face transplants.