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Forum on Tour de Franzia

Apparently scrolling through the P-Safe “Awareness” Log wasn’t quite reflective enough. And apparently six months (more or less) is never too early to get the ball rolling (sup, @WesPartyGuy?).  The WSA is officially throwing down hosting a forum on Tour de Franzia this Tuesday in PAC:

Please join the WSA and the Office of Student Affairs for a forum addressing issues with the Tour de Franzia on Tuesday, November 15th at 7PM in PAC 002. This forum is intended to be a dialogue between students, administrators, and Public Safety, with the goal of addressing some of the concerns of the community related to the event. Please come and voice your opinion!

Kudos to the WSA for making this conversation happen (and so ahead of time, too), but let’s face it: it’s a Tuesday night, and not everyone who has on opinion on how to deal with TDF is going to be able to make it. So how the hell should we (they?) deal with TDF after two straight years of damage and debauchery? What perspective is the administration missing, and what’s the solution?

Dean Whaley Expresses Franzia “Concerns,” Plans to “Pursue Judicial Charges”

Remember the administrative aftermath of last year’s Tour de Franzia? Here’s the short version: the University fined the residents of 1 Pearl Place $2,000 in campus damage for having “organized” the event–and threatened to withhold diplomas if they didn’t pay up. Their charge: creating the Tour de Franzia Facebook event. Here’s the Wesleying post extolling students (particularly Franz-participants) to “Help Out the Innocents of 1 Pearl Place” and throw some dough in their online donation page. (Oh, and a 62-response comment thread. Happy studying.)

This year, P-Safe director Dave Meyer announced plans to “take some precautionary measures and deal with any organizers ahead of time.” But there was no such action: Tour de Franzia was “organized” (read: a date was declared) from an anonymous Facebook profile, which was deactivated immediately post-Franz. Good thinking.

But the administration knows what’s up, and there apparently will be “judicial charges against those students who may have violated Wesleyan’s Code of Conduct.” No word on how those individuals will be identified–or what the charges will entail. (Does “all available documentation of the event” refer to P-Safe’s apparent video footage of streakers and partiers on Fountain?)

Here’s Dean Mike Whaley‘s thrillingly ambiguous all-campus announcement in full. Offer up your interpretations in the comments.

Dear Students,

I hope that your final projects and papers are going well.  In addition to my good wishes for a successful conclusion to your academic work, I also wanted to send a note to register my concern about the “Tour de Franzia” event this past weekend.

P-Safe Posts Tour de Franz “Awareness” Log

Wondering what P-Safe was up to while you were _________ [choose one: chugging boxed wine up and down College Row/innocently watching your friends chug boxed wine up and down College Row/in Olin, futilely attempting to write a paper on the “Marxist Roots of Postmodern Homoerotic Mysticism and the Feminine Form in St. Augustine’s Confessions” while hearing loud freshman chug boxed wine up and down college row]?

Now it’s public: P-Safe has just published last Saturday’s “Public Safety Awareness Report” on its online bulletin board, which is basically what you’d expect it to look like. (Tricky: look under “SUNDAY 5/8/11”; most of the action happened past midnight—for you, and for P-Safe.) No word on whether or not we actually surpassed last year’s record nine hospital visits (anonymous claims 11, but provides no source)—this log mentions five, but only takes us up to 2:27 a.m. (Also no mention of videotaping streakers or final Fountain Ave. blowout.)

Check it:


SUNDAY 5/8/11

12:18am Loud Noise-Butterfield

12:20am Disorderly Conduct- High St
PS responded to a report of bottles being thrown into the street

1:00am Medical- Cross St
PS responded to a report of an injured student who was transported to the ER

The Aftermath.

If you made a mess last night, now’s a pretty good time to clean it up (or thank whoever already did).


From last month’s Argus:

According to Director of Public Safety Dave Meyer, Public Safety (PSafe) is taking a harder stance this year in preventing Tour de Franzia, the annual wine-drinking scavenger hunt. This comes after last year’s Tour sent a record nine students to the emergency room.

WesParty Guy 1; P-Safe zero. But anyone know how last night compares?

Oh Snap: Mapping the Student Response to Beta-Gate

Since crash last reported on the whole Beta-gate situation, there’s been a whole lot of chatter ‘round these here cyber-space parts. The comments section on that post was completely balls out with emotion (as well as sarcasm), and the ACB’s been in a flurry with opinions being volleyed from left and right. Chatter has even spilled over to the pages of the Argus, where the editorial as well as my esteemed colleague lesanjuan spoke out against the issue. Of course, it’s problematic to hold up these specific sources and take them to be representative of the student body’s general discourse – what with the ACB being the seedy Chlamydia-filled internet back-alley it is and the total amount of written responses being miniscule in number compared to the actual number of Wesleyan students.

But it cannot be denied that the voices making themselves heard do raise some rather pressing issues that have concerned us before and should concern us now. Whether those voices fairly represent the views of the entire student body or not, these are issues that affect all of us both in terms of our conduct and in terms of the ideals we’re apparently supposed to hold, if not now then eventually.

Read on?

Help Out the Innocents of 1 Pearl Place

By now, you’ve probably heard about the disciplinary aftermath of Tour de Franzia, wherein the university fines a group of five seniors $2000 for acts that they did not actually commit. They have until commencement to procure the money, and if they don’t pay up, the school plans on withholding their diplomas. As in, they wouldn’t technically graduate. Because they made a Facebook group.

Well, good news: you can help out the ladies of 1 Pearl Place. They started an online donation page and are accepting contributions to pay the fine. Their even-tempered plea:

We set up this page to help raise money to pay off the $2000 fine that the university dealt us. We are extremely sorry to anyone who was hurt or had property damaged on that night. Everyone is entitled to their opinions on our level of responsibility. For those who enjoyed themselves or want to help out, this allows you to contribute a few dollars so that we can pay off the fine and graduate! We are grateful for any support.

They would really appreciate any financial help you can throw their way–these guys are about to enter the real world and are not exactly primed to spare $400 each. A few dollars from every person who had fun on the Tour would go a long way in covering the charges. Give what you can.

More reason to help them out: they’re being super amiable about the situation. One of the five commented on Braille’s post:

we expect to pay some of the fine ourselves, obviously, so the choice to show total funds raised was more to be transparent than because we expect it all to come from the community. we also don’t mean to pressure people to donate; we want to keep this positive, as something that people who had fun can contribute to if they so wish. if you know of people who might want to throw in a few bucks, thanks so much for forwarding this/spreading the word.

In my humble opinion, this whole debacle reeks of the university pinpointing convenient scapegoats that will enable administration to flex some authoritarian muscle in hopes of discouraging future Tour de Franzias at Wesleyan. While I highly doubt the Tour will stop, I’m sure they’ve succeeded in driving its organization further underground. Next year, expect a private Facebook group created with a false account, or maybe a BCC’d email from WesBoxedWine@hotmail.com, or supersecret paper handouts written in invisible ink. Dear university: please don’t deny me a diploma for encouraging the class of 2011 to receive and flaunt the Tour de Franzia torch.

Link: Tour de Franzia Fine on ChipIn

2010 Tour de Franzia a Success

Good job, everyone! Way to show that bagged & boxed wine who’s boss.

In the interest of cutting the grounds crew some slack and keeping Wes clean, pick up a few abandoned boxes around campus. And for goodness’ sake drink some water.