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“My Wesleyan Is”: Almonds & Elephants Score VIP Campus Tour

Remember that time Yale produced a nauseating 16-minute musical theater ode to “Why I Chose Yale”? And then the University of Rochester followed suit with “Remember oUR Name,” an admissions-sponsored “array of Rochester facts and figures with a hip hop twist”?

Wesleyan hasn’t taken the plunge. Instead, our own Office of Admissions presents a precious one-minute “quick and very informal tour of Wesleyan,” scored by our very own Almonds & Elephants. It’s not the first time Wesleyan’s campus videographer has culled from the pages of Aural Wes—last month, he snagged a track by LA Gears (Sky Stallbaumer ’12) for a conversation between President Roth and Julia Louis-Dreyfus P ’14. Considering the media attention lauded on our homegrown music scene in recent months, why not shine a spotlight on it?

The tour currently graces the Wesleyan homepage. It only takes you through the bare essentials: the Tomb, the Spurrier-Snyder Skating Rink, and a gorgeous lakeside riverfront dock I’ve never seen in my life. Enjoy, Class of 2016! For a quick-and-dirty nighttime tour of Wes, click past the jump.

Tour Guide applications

Tour guides are recruiting for the spring, here’s your chance to show prefrosh what’s up:

Apply to be a Tour Guide!

Do you love talking about Wes? Do you have a desire to walk around campus and interact with prospective students and their parents? If you answered yes to those questions you are in luck. The Office of Admission Tour Guide  Program is currently accepting applications for the spring semester!

Applications are due Wednesday, November 11 by 5PM and can be downloaded here. Turn in a hard copy to the Office of Admission. This semester preference will be given to work study students, but all are encouraged to apply! Get your application in on time.

Be a tour guide… and a badass!

Claire Kaplan ’09 is planning to start a student-run tour group:

I’m interested in starting a student-run alternative to the University tours for the adventurous prefrosh. Tour guides would be unaffiliated with the University and, as such, wouldn’t have to worry about what they say, wouldn’t have to provide statistics to students, and could even deviate from the classic tour format (e.g. replacing the last part of the tour with a session hanging out on Foss Hill blowing bubbles) assuming they do so in a lawful and tasteful manner. Basically, tours would be an explicitly subjective but hopefully interesting look at the University beyond the traditional tour. The upside here is you get to do whatever you want with your prefrosh ducklings; the obvious downside is, you won’t get paid. I mean, I’m certainly not going to pay you.

Interested in being part a part of this operation, tentatively called “Wesleyan All Over You”? Email the illustrious Ms. Kaplan at clkaplan@wes.