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Interview with Brian McKenna ’04: Dear Mama Earth

 Dear Mama Earth musically raises awareness of critical issues such as global warming and wasteful habits, in a way that is not only educational, but entertaining. 

In light of Wes EON GreenScene coming back, the rally against the Keystone XL Tarsands Pipeline, and the alumni created plan to solve climate change, I’d say Wesleyan is all about keepin’ it green these days. Brian McKenna’s ‘04 newest project, Dear Mama Earth (DME) is certainly no exception.

Dear Mama Earth, created in Brian’s studio, Btoven Music, is a very unique and powerful album based on an original body of Reggae/Soul music that he co-created along with international vocal sensation, Toussaint Liberator, and featuring samples from Galt Macdermot who is best known for his work in the musical HAIR and who granted personal permission to use samples from his works in DME.

It’s not everyday you come across good reggae music with lyrics like “wonder why we’ll never see a high speed rail/the gas dollars won’t touch the pail/these politicians said they all for sale”. As the up and coming champions of environmental awareness, Brian and Toussaint are currently working on a live music and educational awareness event to be presented in communities and schools nationwide. Just last April they headlined NYC’s 43rd Annual Earth Day at Earth Day NY’s  public festival in Union Square.

This project certainly represents a culmination of Wesleyan’s timeless values by using creative expression to address real world issues and advocating for change. Click past the jump to check out the interview and find out more about Dear Mama Earth.

Musical Shark Attack

Brian Papish ’10 writes in about a funky end of the year blowout featuring The Phenomenal Handclap Band, Toussaint & Buru, Mamarazzi, and DJ Lord Lewis.

  • The Guardian UK called the Phenomenal Handclap Band “astronauts of progressive soul, moored at the stellar point where rock, funk and psychedelia bloom into cosmic-disco amazingness.” Check out their video:
  • Toussaint & Buru Style are, of course, Wesleyan’s own soul and reggae band. Come by and see them while you can, because they might not play at Wes next year!
  • Mamarazzi spontaneously combusted under the careless scientific supervision of a group of Wesleyan University Alum. The band’s sound has been born and born again through daily revivals of its earthly ingredients. The result, like a ripe grapefruit, is that just-right combination of unlikely elements: tart funk, acidic groove, and nectar of ancient lullaby. Check it out:
  • DJ Lord Lewis is the funkmaster of WESU. He’ll bring his personal collection of records to spin throughout the night.
  • Also, Musicians Helping Hands will be selling CDs to benefit Kenyans in Kalemng’orok and Eldoret, so bring a few extra bucks!

Date: Saturday, May 1
Time: 9:00 PM
Place: Beckham Hall
Cost: Free!

Buru Style, Toussaint Liberator, and Ikebe Shakedown in WestCo courtyard

buru style w toussaint

Westco courtyard is the place to be on Saturday night.

Wesleyan’s own Buru Style, one of the most reliably excellent live acts on campus, is throwing an open release party for their new album, “The Crab”. Which means three hours of sweet, sweet funk and reggae beats in the open air.

They’ll be tearing it up with Toussaint Liberator (formerly of Soulive), who they toured with all summer, and New York funk band Ikebe Shakedown is opening (trivia: Ikebe means booty, so come prepared).

In case of rain, the concert will move to Beckham Hall and go from 10pm-1am.

Facebook event

Date: Saturday, Sept. 26
Time: 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Place: WestCo Courtyard

Here’s Buru and Toussaint playing at the Blue Note in New York in May:

Buru Style on Myspace
Ikebe Shakedown on Myspace