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Middletown Wants to Stop You from Getting Medical Marijuana Before It’s Even Legal

Wesleyan’s passion for pot has been noted tons of times already, but how important of an issue is it?  Apparently too important for the Middletown City Planners to ignore. They’re considering an amendment to restrict places where pot can be sold, even medical marijuana, to buildings that are an “over 50-bed hospital, a pharmacy, or a medical clinic with more than five practitioners.”  Plus, whatever such place will have to be at least 100 feet from residential areas unless an exception is made.

But wait…not even medical marijuana is legal in Connecticut.  The Deputy City Planning Director says they want to prevent pot abuse preemptively because:

the planning department staff believes that Middletown could be ripe for such dispensaries, citing Wesleyan University’s ranking as 18th in the “Reefer Madness” category of the Princeton Review’s 2009 college guide and Middletown landing in the 39th spot of the Daily Beast’s list of the nation’s 40 most pot-loving communities.

Still, they already voted against banning any marijuana, including medical.  Ah, the priorities of Middletown.

[Source: The Middletown Press]