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Open Forum on Gender-Neutral Bathrooms and Trans* Activism – Facilitated by WesDEF, Cohosted by Wesleying – Tuesday, 11/5


BZOD UPDATE, 11/5/13, 4:09 PM: We’ve officially moved this across the hall from 41 Wyllys Room 115 to 41 Wyllys Room 112 due to space concerns.

On Tuesday, November 5 at 7:00 PM in 41 Wyllys Room 112, WesDEF (Wesleyan Diversity Education Facilitators), Wesleying, Open House, and QueerWes, will be hosting an an open forum to discuss people’s thoughts, concerns, and opinions about the recent trans* activism on campus – including, but not limited to the gender-neutralizing of bathrooms. The forum will be facilitated by WesDEF and will include vegan snacks.

Wesleying will be doing a liveblog of the discussion (which will, of course, not log names of anyone speaking). Anyone who has opinions about gender-neutral bathrooms or trans* activism, or wants to better understand trans* issues, should attend. We’d love to have as many sides as possible represented in the discussion. 

“All Gender Bathrooms Now” – Pissed Off Trans* People on the DIY Gender-Neutralizing of Wesleyan’s Bathrooms

The sign that has recently been appearing on bathroom doors across campus. Sign courtesy of MyDoorSign.com, which has been making, marketing, and donating these awesome inclusive bathroom signs


If you have been on campus recently, you have likely seen the above sign. In the last week or so, the plastic or wooden bathroom signs that normally read “Men” or “Women” have been torn down and replaced with paper signs like the one above. In many cases, these paper signs were accompanied by a manifesto titled “Desegregate Wesleyan Bathrooms,” which explains the logic behind the replacing of the bathroom signs. Unfortunately, the manifesto was not posted with every gender-neutral sign, and has frequently been torn down when the bathrooms were re-gendered. For those who are confused about why people have started gender-neutralizing the bathrooms, the text of the manifesto is reproduced below:

Pissed Off Trans* People StatementWe demand that Wesleyan University stop segregating bathrooms along gender lines and provide all-gender bathrooms in all buildings in the University.

We believe gender-segregated bathrooms create uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situations for trans and gender-variant presenting people.

We believe gender-segregated bathrooms reinforce trans* invisibility at Wesleyan.

We resent statements by Wesleyan Administration that all-gender bathrooms are widely available on this campus, when they are in fact often difficult to find or unmarked, in inconvenient locations, or simply not available.

We acknowledge that some people, particularly women, may feel unsafe in bathrooms that are no longer gender-segregated. We invite further discussion about this issue, but are currently not aware of any studies suggesting women are more likely to experience harassment or harm in all-gender bathrooms. (Citation: Rothblatt, Martine Aliana. The Apartheid of Sex: A Manifesto on the Freedom of Gender. New York: Crown, 1995.)

We believe it is not the duty of trans* or gender-variant students to self-advocate for all- gender bathrooms on their hall/place of residence, and that residential bathrooms should be all-gender.

We want to remind white and documented people and people with class privilege that those most likely to experience violence and increased surveillance from gender- segregated bathrooms are people of color, poor people, and undocumented people. 

Career Center Lunch with Stephen Trask ’89


Excited for Hedwig and the Angry Inch in the film series this week? Michael Leung ’15 writes in to tell us about a career center lunch with a dude who has a wikipedia page who also happened to write the music and lyrics for the film (among others):

Students interested in Theatre, Music and Film take note!!

Want to learn about the inside secrets of the theatre, music and film industry? Come enjoy lunch and talk to Stephen Trask ’89. Stephen Trask was the music director and house band member at the New York club Squeezebox, where he performed with stars such as Debbie Harry, Lene Lovich and Joey Ramone. Trask also received an Obie Award and a Grammy award nomination for his work in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, a rock musical about a transsexual rock star. He is a prolific film music composer whose works include The Station Agent, The Savages, Lovelace and Admission.

Date: Thursday, April 11
Time: 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Place: Olson Commons, Career Center
Cost: Free Lunch!

Start Wearing Purple!

In memory of the ten publicly reported LGBT teen suicides of the last month (and many others of the more distant past), people across the country are wearing the color purple today in symbolic support of the queer community and its lost, taunted, abused, or otherwise mistreated souls.  It would undoubtedly mean a lot to those at this school who have been harassed about their sexualities, or who are still hiding in the protection of the closet, to see any amount of visible support from the queer and non-queer communities of Wesleyan.  So, if not for the unfortunate suicide victims, wear purple today for your friend, your classmate, your family member, your loved one, yourself, or an unknown queer soul whose day you’d like to brighten.

But maybe you need a more convincing argument?

Date: Today, October 20th
Place: Anywhere and everywhere

Take Part in Research on Gender Non-Conformity at Wesleyan

From Ray Edwards ’10:

My name is Ray Edwards and I am graduate student in Psychology at Wesleyan. I am currently researching everyday experiences of disrespect and devaluation towards gender non-conforming individuals on campus. I am looking for participants to take part in a two week study in which they will carry a Palm Pilot at all times and record meaningful experiences related to their gender presentation and identity. There will be a $25 reward for those that return all the materials given to them in good condition upon completion of the study.

This Saturday: F to eMbody; DJ JD Samson @ Eclectic

Are you ready for this?

F to eMbody & DJ JD Samson

…and Wesleyan’s own punk rock wonders, The Creeps!

This Saturday night, come to one of the most transformative shows you’ll ever see at Wesleyan.

F to eMbody, a multi-media hip-hop/spoken word show, features two transgender performers: Athens Boys Choir (right) and Katastrophe (left).   Athens Boys Choir is a one man explosion from Georgia known for his heart-on-the-sleeve lyrics and award-winning videos.  San Francisco based rapper Katastrophe performs passionate hip-hop about lives lived outside the mainstream.

DJ JD Samson (center, from le Tigre and MEN) will finish the night with a queer dance party dj set sure to please.

Come on out for this equally thought-provoking and booty-shaking event!

Tickets sold at the door, and all week during lunch at Usdan. Get yours before it’s sold out!

Date: Saturday, February 27
Time: 10:00PM
Place: Eclectic (200 High Street)
Cost: $3

Sponsored by the Queer/Trans Collective.

Trans/Masculine Privilege Workshop

Super awesome activist and educator Davey Shlakso is returning to campus on Monday with fellow educator Chase Catalano to lead a workshop on transmasculine and masculine privilege in and outside of queer communities. They will be facilitating a discussion based on questions like:

What is privilege? How does it play out in queer spaces? Whose voice is considered legitimately queer? How is gender essentialized and policed?

If any of this sounds interesting to you (or if this fulfills an outside event requirement for one of your classes), come for conversation and free food in the Butt A Lounge on Monday!

Date: Monday, Feb 15
Time: 4 – 6 pm
Place: Butt A Lounge
Why: important discussion and FREE FOOD

Sponsored by Wesleyan’s Feminist Network.

Queer/Trans Collective Potluck


From Toni Zosherafatain ’10:

The queer/trans collective is hosting a potluck this Friday at 200 Church to discuss the collective, the queer community, and organizing in general. Bring a dish or just come for the conversation and the brainstorming! Frosh and anyone not in the collective are encouraged to come!

Date: TOMORROW – Friday, October 9
Time: 6:30 pm
Place: 200 Church