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The transfers are coming!

Class of 2013

According to the Office of Admissions site, Wesleyan admits about 60 transfer students each year.

On the Class of 2013 blog, Dean Brown has just announced that there are 46 transfer students joining the sophomore class alone.  She reports:

They are coming from countries as far away as India, China and Italy and from states as diverse as Colorado, Florida, Oregon, Wisconsin, Hawaii and Maine.  Transferring from schools such as Georgetown, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, Colgate, Tulane, Vanderbilt, UPenn and Bard

I’m not sure those states themselves are the most diverse, but they are a diverse assortment of states.  Also, some of these transfers seem like they came from decently reputable colleges so kudos to us – I’ll take that as a compliment.  It would be pretty interesting to compare that to a list of schools people transferred to away from Wes, but hopefully there’s not that many to mention in the first place (we do have a pretty decent retention rate*).  I don’t think we’ll ever get such a list from the administration anyway.

Hopefully the Class of 2012 sheds some light on its transfers too.

So, while the administration photoshops some headshots into the class picture above, let’s welcome some new members of the Wes community we can’t say “GTFO frosh” to.

*It’s 95% according to Wesleyan’s College Board College Search profile.

Orientation Impressions

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So…hi. I’m new to Wesleyan and Wesleying, transferring in from Tunxis Community College and joining the class of 2009. I’ve written elsewhere about why I chose Wesleyan, but now that I’m on campus I feel comfortable posting here.

These are some of my initial impressions of Wesleyan as an incoming student:

  • Ruthless efficiency — It could be because I got here right around 9am, but my trip from the arrival site through all of the stations (WesCard, Arrival Bags, W-4, etc.) could not have been smoother. The orientation volunteers rock.
  • President Roth — I never had a chance to meet the last President (Bennett?) but I wasn’t on campus for more than 5 minutes before a cheerful guy in a WesHaul t-shirt stuck out his hand and introduced himself with “Hi, I’m Michael Roth. Welcome to Wesleyan.” Seems like a nice guy to me.
  • Usdanistan — I didn’t look around the inside of Usdanistan, but the tables outside are bolted down, each with four chairs also bolted down. This was especially sucky when I was trying to eat lunch by myself and a family of 6 wanted to pull up two extra chairs for their table.
  • WesBoxMarianna has a post with instructions on where to find your WesBox combo in your e-portfolio. But if like me, yours is not listed there, the staff person at Wesleyan Station will look it up if you know the box number and show your WesCard.

Of course, there’s more for me to do and see today, but I want to thank Holly for inviting me to contribute to Wesleying.