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Zero Waste Challenge!

Do you describe yourself as a transparent person? Do you get annoyed when you see recyclable items in the trash? Well if so, Rebecca “bb” Sokol ’15 challenges you to put all of your non-recyclable trash in a plastic bag for one week. (And if, like me, your first thought was “used tampons, too?” I think her answer would be, “no biohazards/get a diva cup.”)

Where does our trash go when you throw it away? How much trash are you generating per week?
The Zero Waste Challenge is easy – you collect everything you don’t recycle or compost in a clear, ziploc bag that we will provide, and you pin it to your backpack for the week. You’ll be surprised at how much you learn about waste and your own habits, and how it alters your decision-making when your trash is physically connected to you! Try it, even if only for part of the week!

Recycled Art Competition

Sustainability guru Kate Weiner ’15 wants you to turn trash into rad art:

Got toilet paper rolls?recycled art
Milk cartons? Egg cartons?
Kumbucha bottles?!

Turn your old recyclables into beautiful works of art at the WesSustainability’s first Recycled Art Competition. This event, in conjunction with the Office of Sustainability and the College of the Environment, will be one of the first Earth- related events of Earth Week. At our table by the Wesleyan Farmer’s Market, you will have the opportunity to build sculptures and costumes out of recycled materials. Building tools will be provided, so all you need to bring is your creativity! Finished pieces will be displayed around campus.

We encourage RA’s and HM’s to participate in the competition as a hall/house program.

Though we will provide some collected recyclables, we could always use more. Feel free to save recyclables throughout the week and bring them to the event.

Any questions? Email the Sustainability Interns at Wesustainability(at)gmail(dot)com!

Date: Friday, April 19th
Time: Noon – 5 PM
Place: Usdan Lawn and Huss Courtyard
Facebok: Link

Dross on Foss

foss hill

It’s springtime. The birds are flying, the butterflies fluttering, the trees blooming.

As usual, the trash is proliferating. In the illustrious words of Dylan Nelson ’15:

The state Foss is left in sometimes is just absurd. I’m just baffled by the amount of bottles and trash that can be strewn across it come 5:30 on a Saturday. It just irritates me to no end that people can walk away, leaving their cans and other waste sitting there. I guess people figure one can can’t hurt, but when everyone operates on the same mentality, it all adds up. No one except your fellow students will be coming up behind you to clean. It’s not very difficult to walk all of 200 feet to the garbage bins at the top of the hill. A few friends and myself picked up a vast majority of the bottles and cans left behind the other Saturday, and total it took us maybe all of twenty minutes. Not long at all to keep a central feature of Wesleyan clear of trash. Just walking around with some empty beer cases that had been left behind, filling them with empties, and then emptying them into the recycling bin at the top. That’s cleaning other peoples garbage, across the entire hill. If everyone were just aware of their own waste and dealt with it, there’d be no issue, and the responsibility of clearing it wouldn’t fall on just the people who apparently care enough to be bothered to pick up a few empties.

So before you go off to your Save-The-Whales Awareness Meeting, do something immediately helpful for the environment and clean up. Please. Foss is our communal space and should be treated as such.

Wesleyan Trash Roundup

Trash photos from High Rise, Nics, Hewitt, WestCo, and Fauv—I mean, Bennet Hall.

When students leave campus, trash remains. In some dorms (sup, Clark), the filth piles literally to the ceiling while dumpster divers abound in the parking lots below.

Last Sunday, BZOD and I took a brief trek through campus dorms to survey the trash. Clark and Fauver were already well groomed for Reunion Weekend, but High Rise was especially foul. Here’s a peak.

[nggallery id=146]

In other dorm-life news, the Fauver sign has officially been changed to “Bennet Hall.” Scroll on for a photo via Yu Vongkiatkajorn ’13.