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Wesleying’s Future Coverage of Stephen Morgan’s Trial

[This text is from a previous post on the trial of Stephen Morgan. It has been split to this post so readers can comment on our approach to future coverage of the trial without having to read discussion of the trial. Please keep your comments on this post related ONLY to the approach we are taking to the trial – it has been split so those affected don’t have to relive anything. I generally hate censorship, but I WILL remove comments that are not about the read mores and our continued coverage; we want to keep this thread as safe a place for those still grieving.]

So there is a big question of how to go about updates on the trial of Stephen Morgan. Wesleying provided lots of coverage following the shooting, and it makes sense to continue that coverage with updates on the pursuit of justice. Continued coverage will allow us to provide information and updates to those who are still hurting and want to know without forcing them to read through news articles that retell the tragedy. On the other hand, we don’t want to delay the healing process with prolonged coverage. It seems that what makes the most sense is to post major updates on the trial, but to tuck them away in read more links. Future posts on the trial will consist of little more than a title and a read more link. Hopefully this will allow us to keep people updated on the case, while allowing you to still visit and scroll the site without too sharp a reminder of the tragedy.

As always, you are free to leave your thoughts in the comments of these posts, but remember that as much as your anger is justified, we cannot allow any comments which contain threats of violence and so they will be censored.

And again, our hearts go out to those still in mourning over Johanna’s death, and we hope you have been able to find places that offer support and comfort to help you through these times.