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Trinity Yaks on Wesleyan


A common trend on Wesleyan’s YikYak is making fun of our sort-of rival, Trinity College. These usually range from the mild jokes about the academics of the school (“Went swimming, got an oceanography degree from Trinity”) to sports rivalries (that is, when Wes students actually pay attention to sports). This got me thinking — what does Trinity say about us? So, I took a lesson out of the guidebook of Rolling Stone and I did all my reporting via YikYak ‘peeks.’ Below are the results of months of painstaking investigative journalism.

A Cappella Crime of the Day: “Call Me Maybe”

Is nothing sacred? Over at NESCAC neighbors Trinity, the Trinity College Quirks have put their own spin on “Call Me Maybe,” the Carly Rae Jepsen song-turned-meme that infiltrated your skull matter all summer long. This may well be the biggest pop culture breakthrough since 50 Shades of Grey popped up on a Brown Sociology syllabus.

Shout-out toInTheCac for the tip—and for spreading the news that Billy Madison co-star Bradley Whitford ’81 recently joined Wesleyan’s Board of Trustees.