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Dear Wesleying

Courtesy of Despair.com

Let’s talk about blogging for a bit here.

Blogging has this past decade become a really big phenomenon, brought to you by the internet. Though the tumblrverse is now becoming more popular than the blogosphere, the intrepid cavaliers of the blagoblag have undoubtedly made an important and continuing influence on world affairs, bringing myriad new voices to public debate on the best way forward for a campus, for a country, for humanity, for the world. This is an important role we bloggers play, and sometimes, we forget that.

The unfortunate reality is that the internet, and its sub-region of the blogosphere, is littered with cheap jokes and well-weathered “humor.”  It takes real effort (and often modern-fangled tools) to sift through all the junk to find those rare gems of piquant writing or crisp humor.

Point is, memes and other “big” internet phenomena need actual substance lest they quickly become old, stale, and uninteresting. Even with substance, regurgitated and recycled comedy swiftly sours.

Can we take ourselves a little more seriously please? We have opportunity. Let’s not waste it.

Anyway, for you beloved readers that take the jump, below is a