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Audition for Terpsichore

Do you know what a Furby is? It’s this small robot toy that looks like a squished penguin (or a demented ewok) that has super-large eyes and a perpetual smile. It always sounds happy, it always spouts positive words, and it always looks like it is on the verge of laughing. They are no longer in production, so Cynthia Tong ’14┬áis the closest replacement we’re ever going to get. She writes in:

Hey guys!

It’s that time again to audition for your favorite student dance performance! As always, the Terpsichore show is a great way to branch out into the dance scene here at Wesleyan, do some awesome dancing for your friends, and meet new people!

We will have many great student choreographers making pieces in a wide range of styles and levels, so all are encouraged to audition.

Dancers, come to Fayerweather this Sunday to audition!