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A Westhanksgiveleying Greeting

Read this, not this. And this, not this

It’s Thanksgiving break (!), and wherever you are, I hope you have a relaxing, good time these next few days. Maybe it’ll be more peaceful where you are, unlike on campus where there are 24/7 sirens (unless you are on campus over break, in which case, hmph).

If you’re not in the Thanksgiving spirit already, I encourage you to get into it with this old, old classic, “Tryptophantasm,” starring Sam Korda ’13, Solomon Billinkoff ’14Eliza Forman ’13, and Stephan Stansfield ’13By the end of it, or at least in a couple days, you’ll feel like you’re suspended in a sea of cranberry sauce for eternity…

If you’re staying on campus, check out the Thanksgiving Break Dining Schedule. The major dining places on campus are closed from Wednesday 11/27 to Saturday 11/30 and open again for dinner on Sunday 12/1. WeShop opens again on 12/1 at 4 p.m., and Red & Black Cafe opens that day also.

If you’re planning on doing work over break for finals, theses, comfort, or whatever, the library schedule may be more up your alley:

A Wesleythanksgivleying Salute

Hunkering down on campus? Read this. Don’t read this.

Happy Thanksgiving, Weszzleyan. We encourage you to celebrate the day with an old classic, “Tryptophantasm.” Starring Sam Korda ’13, Solomon Billinkoff ’14, Eliza Forman ’13, and Stephan Stansfield ’13, it’ll have you feeling like you’re suspended in a sea of cranberry sauce for eternity in no time. Though you may feel that way anyway by the time you read this…

Staying on campus over break? Good for you, you studious studier. The Thanksgiving Break dining schedule is your friend. Consult it wisely. There isn’t much food to be had between now and Saturday (both WesWings and Red & Black are also closed until then), but Main Street is only a scant few blocks from your dorm. So is Marco’s Deli. Choose wisely.