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Video: Pro-Divestment Student Group Interrupts Tufts Information Session

Classless prefrosh dad of the year: “I’m going to get security if you don’t shut the hell up.”

As the debate over fossil fuel investments continues raging in the NESCAC blogosphere, members of a Tufts student group calling itself Tufts Divest For Our Future infiltrated an admissions information session last week to ask about the University’s investments. Not quite as epic as sending a fake press release to over 150 national and local media outlets claiming the University is formally divesting from the war and fossil fuels industries, but whatever—it’ll do.

In The ‘Cac managed to obtain video footage of the incident, which appears below. Curiously, the most hostile party caught on tape is not the questioner, who politely but insistently inquires, nor the admissions officer (or student?) leading the session, who suggests that they discuss the subject after the session. It’s the disgruntled prefrosh dad who swings into action with some seriously misguided hero fantasies, growling, “We came here to learn about the University. Stop wasting our time! I’m going to get security if you don’t shut the hell up.” Can’t imagine how mortified his kid must’ve been, sinking into hir chair like Harry Potter wearing the Sorting Hat. “Daaaaad. You’re embarrassing me in front of the other prefrosh!”

RIP, Tufts Naked Quad Run

“Even if I did not act now, [Naked Quad Run] would end some day. The only question is whether a student has to die first.”

For a school once known for naked parties, Wesleyan has been rather quiet lately. Ever since the administration shut down Art House (the annual party’s now defunct venue), wes may or may not be living up to its mention in this Wikipedia article.

Elsewhere, university administrators are cracking down on naked celebrations: at Yale and now Tufts, where President Lawrence Bacow recently banned the Naked Quad Run, an annual pre-Finals Week tradition dating back to 1970. (In previous years, NQR participators have been hospitalized for alcohol poisoning, as well as broken limbs. Think of it like TDF, but naked.) As President Bacow wrote in an op-ed last spring,

“Given that we can no longer manage the run, we cannot allow this ‘tradition’ to continue,” Bacow said in the op-ed. “Even if I did not act now, NQR would end some day. The only question is whether a student has to die first. We cannot allow this to happen, and the Naked Quad Run will not continue.”

Naked run participants were threatened with a full-semester suspension. Without a WesParty Guy to save the day, Tufts students took matters into their own hands: they held an “Excessively Overdressed Quad Stroll”:

Rooftop Gardens

From Emma Leonard ’13:

For those of you who were blown away by Rachel Schragis and for those of you who missed it, here’s another opportunity to learn about another blossoming side of the sustainable design movement.  Dr. Colleen Butler of Tufts University will be coming to campus to give a talk on rooftop gardens and will be discussing both the process of constructing the spectacular rooftop garden at Tufts (check it out!), as well as her work in researching the plant/animal communities that thrive in those rooftop communities.  The Lecture will be held Wednesday at 5pm in Shanklin 107. Presented by WILD Wes!

Date: November 9, 2011
Time: 5 – 6:30 PM
Place: Shanklin 107
Link: Tufts Green Roof Collaborative

Men’s basketball wins 4-OT thriller vs. Tufts

The few of you who weren’t in Silloway Gym last night for the men’s basketball game against Tufts missed quite a contest. Wes rallied from a five-point deficit with four minutes remaining in regulation to take a one-point lead late, but Tufts tied it on a free throw to send it into overtime.

Wes led by four midway through the first OT period, but Tufts tied it to send it into double OT. This time, Tufts led by five with 2:20 left, but Wes rallied to send it into triple overtime. Once again, Tufts rallied from a four-point deficit to send it into quadruple OT. Wes went ahead on a three-pointer from Greg St. Jean ’13 and never trailed after that, with a pair of free throws from St. Jean with 0.7 seconds left giving Wes a 98-93 cushion and sealing the deal.

While admittedly no UConn-Syracuse, this was certainly one of the more exciting games in a while–as well as the first game in Wes basketball history (men’s and women’s) to go into quadruple OT. Superstud Shasha Brown ’13 led Wes with 30 points despite missing the final OT period due to cramps, and St. Jean added 14 points and 12 rebounds for his first double-double. And perhaps most impressively, the gym was packed for the second straight Friday night, thanks in no small part to the efforts of WesPep.

Wes goes for three in a row today against Bates at 4:00.

Tufts Institutes Dorm Room Sex Rule


Tufts University recently announced a new rule for students’ sex lives.  Students are prohibited to have sex while their roommate is present.  Apparently they had a high number of complaints from roommates “who were sleeping, trying to sleep, or attempting to study (NY Times)”.  Study?  Eek.

Students quoted in the Tufts Daily had mixed reactions, most saying that roommates should work these situations out on their own without ResLife getting involved.  Hopefully, Wesleyan students are more courteous than Tufts students, and this policy doesn’t become a trend.

Freshmen, take heed.  Work out a system with your roommate.  Hook up with people in singles.  Tripled frosh — good luck getting any!

Any roommate sex horror stories?  Share in the comments.

Tufts Daily: New Rules Regulate Sexual Activity in Dormitory Rooms
New York Times: At Tufts, An Attempt to Prohibit Sex While Roommate Is in the Room