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Tuition Rising. Again.

Here’s proof that you should actually open the newsletter email you get from The Wesleyan Connection:

Wesleyan’s Board of Trustees voted on Feb. 26 to increase tuition and residential comprehensive fees by 3.8 percent for the 2011-12 academic year.

Continuing its commitment to a strong financial aid program, Wesleyan will increase its budget for aid by 11.8 percent. Wesleyan admits first-year students without regard to their financial circumstances and meets, through grants and loans, the full demonstrated need of all students eligible for financial aid.

Tuition will be $43,404 for all students in 2011-2012. For freshman and sophomores, the residential comprehensive fee will be $12,032. For juniors and seniors, the fee will be $13,678.

Personally, the first thing that struck me about this is that I had to learn about it via The Connection.  We get all-campus emails about Beta three times a year but neither we nor our parents are immediately notified of tuition increases?  Either way, this isn’t the first raise we’ve seen in a while.  Tuition rose 5% for the 2010-2011 year, and financial aid rose a similar 11% (more here).  For those of you that care about rankings, that made us the fourth most expensive college in the country.