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“Study Abroad allows people to leave their current educational institution and spend a semester or a year in Europe or Australia. Though study abroad are offered to other places, these two are the overwhelming favorites.”

Sup, midterm warriorz? Approximately eleven days ago I posted a wildly successful roundup of blogs belonging to Wesleyan students overseas, whose ramblings you can access on WesStudent from good old Middletown: Notes from the Study Abroadosphere. This roundup represented blogs coming at you live from France, France, France, Ireland, and Australia. Apparently there are other countries you can go to. In fact, Wesleyan students are occupying cities all over the globe, it turns out, and not just because they’re protesting the phallocentric corporate plutocracy.

Click past the jump/continental divide for more blog submissions.

Himanshu Suri tumbls, writes about Occupy Wall Street

Tumbling – all the cool kids are doing it, of course, and so does Das Racist’s Himanshu Suri ’07, over at nehrujackets. Homeboy’s pretty prolific, posting not only about his music and sharing snippets of South Asian culture (reprezent, yeahhhh) but also offering up snarky responses to anonymous askbox questions and occasionally opening up the family vaults to share baby pikchas of adorbzness.


In a recent post, though, @heems gets a little more serious and talks about Occupy Wall Street, supposedly responding to numerous questions on the subject in his askbox. His post includes the following about his time at Wes:

In 2007 I graduated from Wesleyan University where I paid entirely too much money to be taken from Queens, New York to isolated Middletown, Connecticut to be surrounded by white people and other people of color who hoped to learn their extremely profitable codified language.

Suri goes on to describe his time working on “the periphery of Wall Street”, sheds some light from the perspective of a kid of immigrant parents and concludes that the current problems extend beyond Wall Street itself: “The sentiment is the same but the semantics aren’t – occupy wall street is confusing”. Click through here for the original post; it’s definitely worth a read.

AEPi Fashion Blog Makes Long-Awaited Appearance

Alex Pack '14, one of the house's many fashionistas.

Following the stirring announcement of the Roosevelt Institute’s new blog comes another blog promising to tackle the challenging issues of our day: specifically, the fashion choices of the brothers of AEPi. Written by the mysterious “Sacajawea,” the tumblr has so far explored the styles of Alex Pack ’14 (pictured) and Matt Leibowitz ’14, with promises by the blogger to eventually cover every member of the house.

Accompanying the attached photo reads an astute measurement of Pack’s impeccable flair:

Alex was rocking out jewburban-casual style tonight:

defined by the standard cargo shorts and white adidas combo. The faded red on the grey t-shirt adds to the effect of this timeless ensemble, in a way that not only says “I’m committed to my old shirts,” but also says “……”

While I applaud this journalist’s groundbreaking work, I can’t help but notice the similarities in hir “Stay Sexy” sign-off and the “Stay Sexty ; )” of Sexty Five Pearl. Do I sense some possible intra-Wesleyan tumblr rivalry here?

Stay tuned for additional excitement here.

Sexty Five Pearl Residents Blog, Are Sexty

Earlier this week we put out a call for study abroad blogs, from all programs and locales, of all shapes and sizes. What we actually received was a lil bit different: a captivating glimpse into the daily world of “five Wesleyan student doing a domestic program over on Pearl Street, sort of behind Russell House.” They are Caitlin Palmer ’13, Tobias Butler ’13, Anna Swartz ’13, Emily Black ’13, and Hilary Rappaport ’13. But together, they are Sexty Five Pearl. WHATUPPPPPP.

The adventures are beyond stimulating: sometimes they install shower heads, sometimes they make artichoke dip, but always they blog about it, and why not? They even have a doorbell! We spoke with Sexty-Five correspondent Anna Swartz and sought to learn more about what makes Sexty Five Pearl so goddamn titillating and sexty . . .

Wes Takes a Tumble: Campus Life Captured in Photoblog

Salutations, gang! I’m back on campus, and couldn’t be happier to see faces both new (moving in packs of 5 to 15) and old (working orientation or following alternative pursuits) all over. But enough about me; let’s talk about what I found surfing the blogotubes this week.

If any of you aren’t familiar with the name Olivia Drake, you’re still likely to be familiar with her work – her photos frequently populate the Wesleyan home page. In addition to Campus Photographer, her job description also includes editor of the Wesleyan Connection newsletter/periodical that shows up in your inbox now and then. It turns out she also runs a Tumblr, Wesleyan Photo, which posts photos from around campus taken by herself of various others. The vast majority of photos have a few descriptive sentences attached, too, which helps the photoblog develop (hurr) into an interesting cultural and historical resource as well. Wes 2015, who are pretty active in the Tumblosphere themsleves, are prominently featured in the blog’s most recent posts, mostly documenting Orientation and related events.

Does this count as administrative propaganda? I haven’t seen it advertised anywhere, so I guess not. Regardless, if you enjoy her work, let her know – she’s in the University’s staff listings.

Procrastination Destination Du Jour: Animated Albums

Day Two. Today’s Procrastination Destination is kind of self-explanatory. (That’s debatable.) Animated Albums is a Tumblr that animates albums (“chosen and sillily animated by Mr. Dormouse“), and does a damn good job of it, too. It’s updated way too sporadically these days (at least its take on The Weeknd’s mixtape is right in time for the groundbreaking ridiculous PBR&B movement), but its artists index offers a good bit of archived animated fun. Some highlights I’ve found:

Note: AirWes is maybe kind of slow. Give these animations a second or two to load. And remember to send us your own links of doom at staff(at)wesleying(dot)org. What else are you gonna do? Study?


WesComplaints Roundup: Week One

WesComplaints—Wesleyan’s bitchiest student forum (excepting, perhaps, Martin Benjamin ’57 Wespeaks and anonymous Wesleying comments)—has officially been in business a week, ever since A-Batte dropped a link to Smithies’ Complaints and a fast-acting Wes tumblrer (is this a noun yet?) followed suit.

Here are the Top Ten WesComplaints from its first week online. I expect tomorrow’s impending Ice Storm of Doom (click me!) will inspire a healthy bitching resurgence; remember to submit your own complaints here.

Whining in the Digital Age: An Ethnographic Case Study

Sometimes, it’s hard to really articulate to your friends just how impossible life is going to a school with one of the highest sticker tags in the country. In the spirit of #firstworldproblems, however, an intrepid Smith College student created Smithies’ Complaints to service this exact need at a peer institution with a similar problem.  The About section summarizes things pretty much perfectly:

Smith College is really excellent. But it is full of college students, and we love to complain. Comparatively, though, our complaints are probably not common ones.

I like to think of it as something like the ACB, but somewhat less conducive to trolling  (not to imply they don’t have an ACB of their own). This normalizes content into a less erratic,  but still generally enjoyable range of entries in easy-to-digest tumblr format.

Feast your New England small-college-going sensibilities on some choice examples:

“The 60 Best New Tumblr Blogs of 2010”

Thanks, Buzzfeed!

And thank you, internet, for making blogs like Museum of Modern Tweets (which provides flashy graphic accompaniment to celebrity tweets) and I Studied Abroad in Africa! (actual pull-quote: “This is for all you fabulous biddies who decided that Africa was the right place for you.”) a reality! You rule, 2011. (The above photo, by the way, is from Kim Jong-Il Looking At Things, which seems to have become weirdly popular, considering it’s just pictures of Kim Jong-Il looking at things.)

Other random faves:

Things that make me liek relle confuzed:

Things that really should not exist: