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Iowa Viewed From The Right: Holt ’10 Discusses Caucus on Canadian Television

No matter how many horcruxes you destroy, famed conservative firebrand and parttime troll Mytheos Holt ’10 still keeps popping up. Since graduating in 2010, Holt has been making a name for himself in DC as a former speechwriter for U.S. Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming, a contributor to FrumForum.com, and occasional writer for National Review online. The polemicist has made headlines on this blog on a number of occasions: dissecting Unspeakable Acts for Accuracy for Academia, lending support to last year’s Affirmative Action Bake Sale in National Review Online, and, um, fronting for Lady Gaga on YouTube.

This week, Holt appears on Canada’s Sun News TV network as a DC “political expert,” casting judgment on the Iowa Caucus and beyond:

  • On Rick Santorum: “Until recently, he wasn’t even a candidate; he was an obscene Google search result.”
  • On the Iowa Caucuse: “There’s at least a 66% chance they’ll be irrelevant this election cycle.”
  • On Florida: “If there’s gonna be negative advertising in Florida, it’s probably gonna be on entitlement reform.”

Ultimately, Holt concludes, “The race stays in play for the next God-knows-how-many primaries.” So it goes. Click here for full linkage, get psyched for New Hampshire, and viva la Slytherin!

Rob Wohl ’11 Occupies Russian Television

Rob’s message to the Wesleyan student body: “Drop out of college and occupy something.”

Given how much attention we’ve given to Wes alums commenting on the Occupy movement from afar, it’s nice to hear from one recent grad taking a direct role in the movement itself, with scathing conviction and a trademark look of rage I haven’t seen since Lightning Bolt occupied Eclectic.

In between his day job as a research fellow at Medicare and Social Insurance Works in DC, former Argus overlord and part-time Rocktimist Rob Wohl ’11 seems to have taken an active role with the Occupy DC Action Team. Earlier this week, Wohl appeared on RT, a prominent Russian news channel, discussing the current state of economic affairs, the future of Occupy Wall Street, and whether or not OWS warrants comparison with the Tea Party Movement. “We will do what’s necessary to interrupt this system,” says Wohl on cable television. “We want the members of Congress to know that we demand meaningful, powerful, overwhelming change in this country.”

As Ezra Silk ’10 puts it over at America Occupied: “Rob, I knew that one day I would see you play the revolutionary on Russian television. I just never knew it would happen this soon.” (Wohl also contributed a piece to Silk’s blog a few days prior.) Here’s the video interview:


Michael Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray, has just been sentenced to four years in prison for involuntary manslaughter. Das Racist will (still) never get to collaborate with the (real) late King of Pop. Conan O’Brien pronounces “Das Racist” funny.

Despite all this (or because of it), everyone’s favorite Bard Art College/”Students of Color for Social Justice”-based duo makes its television debut worth the wait, hustling a real live Jackson impersonator onstage to moonwalk to the tune of Relax‘s familiar single, “Michael Jackson.” Also, there’s a freakin’ podium, a cymbal ensemble, and Victor Vazquez ’08 slamming his head across his keyboard (2:42).  Skip to around 3:00 for the MJ showcase.

For more recent DR-related coverage, click here, there, or anywhere.

[via Pitchfork]

Daniel Handler ’92: “I’m Not Afraid of Patchouli”

“I was puzzled by people’s puzzlement over it, because it seems pretty simple to me.”

Last month Lemony “Daniel Handler” Snicket ’92 joined the laundry list of WesCelebs weighing in on the Occupy Wall Street movement, publishing on the Occupy Writers site a characteristically titled list of “Thirteen Observations made by Lemony Snicket while watching Occupy Wall Street from a Discreet Distance.” The list, which Rachel Maddow describes as “at the same time somehow heartbreakingly earnest and the opposite of earnest,” contains such smartly phrased capsules of timely wisdom as this: “If you work hard, and become successful, it does not necessarily mean you are successful because you worked hard, just as if you are tall with long hair it doesn’t mean you would be a midget if you were bald.”

This week, Handler appears on the Rachel Maddow show, discussing the list’s genesis while swimming laps at a community pool alongside a wealthy donor who refused to share a lap. On the OWS movement, Handler explains: “It seemed pretty simple to me. [ . . . ] It seemed to me like maybe if I said it in the form with many examples using cake, then maybe people would get more relaxed about it.” Handler also gets a bit WeSpecific in the interview, namedropping Wes sociology professor Rob Rosenthal and giving Wesleyan partial credit for his ease with the Occupy movement: “I grew up in San Francisco and then I attended a snooty liberal arts college, so I’m not afraid of patchouli and people holding signs at all. That’s just been part of my whole life.”

Beavis & Butthead on MGMT: “Is this Sixteen and Pregnant?”

America’s premier Dumbass Duo is back, just in time for a double dose of 1994 all up in your Halloweekend. Season 8, Episode 1 premiered last night—the first new episode since 1997—and brought with it a little bit of Wellesleyan. Check above for a probingly insightful critique of MGMT’s “Kids,” directed by Ray Tintori ’06, with music (as always) by pals  Ben Goldwasser ’05 and Andrew VanWyngarden ’05.

[thanks to Crook$hanks for the tip]

Draper Lives – Three More Mad Men

Nope, it ain’t an April Fool’s joke. Yeap, it’s pretty darn awesome.

The last time we checked in on Matthew Weiner ’87‘s America of hats and suits, there was much uncertainty over the show’s future – an unfortunate situation that stemmed from various in-studio disagreements regarding things like the show’s product placement policy and a melange of casting-budget issues. All that’s out of the way now, with all parties coming together on a nice 3-season renewal and with Mr. Weiner walking away with $30 million contract in the pocket (as Keanu Reeves would put it: Whoaaa…..LY SHIT).

Weiner has additionally signaled that these three seasons will be the final chapters of the show. He says in an interview:


“These will be the last 3 seasons” of the period drama, Weiner said. “I’m going to take it one year at a time without the distraction to ever have to go through this again,” he added, referring to the long, tense renegotiations. “I’m incredibly grateful for the outpouring of support and overwhelmed that I get to finish telling the stories I want to tell.”

As for the premiere date, details remain sketchy – although it will skip its usual summer start date. According to the New York Times,

(Weiner) indicated that AMC planned all along for the show to skip its usual summer premiere this year. “In October, I was told that the show would be on in March 2012,” he said, adding that his attempts to move up the start of the fifth season were stymied. The reason, according to AMC, was that it had other shows in its production pipeline.

More professional/spiffy-lookin’ reporting can be found here and here and here.

I’m pretty psyched about this. It’s pretty damn hard to find good role models these days. Happy April 1st, folks!

Mad Men Update: Fifth Season Postponed?

“It might be time for fans to grow concerned.”

Alarming news for fans of Matthew Weiner ’87‘s critically acclaimed, Emmy-winning AMC drama (that includes basically all of Wesleyan, last I checked). Neither AMC, nor the show’s studio, Lionsgate, have announced a new deal for the show’s fifth season, which means the season may well not drop until late 2011, or 2012. Details are vague, but the disagreement involves “a very lucrative property, and who is going to pay for it to get made.”

More from the New York Times:

Mr. Weiner has said he wants the show to continue, and AMC has pledged that it will definitely return, so the delay is largely due to a disagreement about money. As Mr. Weiner told Entertainment Weekly in January, apparently referring to AMC and Lionsgate, “They are fighting over a very lucrative property, and who is going to pay for it to get made; it’s one of the biggest perils of success — everyone wants a piece of it now, and they are fighting over who is gonna get the biggest chunk.”

Money often causes strife between program creators and distributors, but rarely do the negotiations drag out this long.

UC Berkeley Devotes Class to ‘Mad Men’

It’s no secret that Mad Men—the critically acclaimed AMC drama created and produced by Matthew Weiner ’87—has been a stunning success. In 2008, the show made television history, receiving 16 Emmy nods and the Outstanding Drama Series award—the first basic cable series to do so. In a feature for The Good Men Project book/blog/documentary, Weiner discussed the show’s Wesleyan origins. This season the show continues to draw in nearly three million viewers.

But still, here’s a new one: the show is now the subject of a popular new weekly class at UC Berkeley, discussing the engaging series in a historical and cultural context:

During the weekly class, the TV show is given the treatment normally reserved for works of literature. Words like “archetype” and “tragic” pop up frequently as students analyze Mad Men’s glamorous yet troubled characters. The class explores the politics and culture of the early ’60s and discusses themes such as the role of women in the workplace, class and society, marriage and family.

The class is part of UC Berkeley’s DeCal program, a student-run education undertaking that allows students to create and facilitate their own classes on a variety of often unconventional subjects. Considered a unique and “democratic” aspect of Berkeley’s undergraduate program, the program offers 150 courses each semester for up to two units of academic credit on topics that range from Harry Potter and “Sex and the City” to numismatics and swing dance.

Gawker Asks: Is This Guy the Most Entertaining Jeopardy! Contestant Ever?

Wesleying answers: Well, no, actor/TV writer Jon Golbe ’06 is probably not the most entertaining Jeopardy! contestant ever (I favor the goofy kid who mutters a clear “Oh, fuck!” on national television after missing an easy Star Wars question), but Gawker’s compilation of amusing moments from Golbe’s Jeopardy! debut is still pretty entertaining. There’s no embed code, so watch it here.

Dearly departed Wesleying alum Ashik Siddique ’10 Sheek points out that Golbe has been featured on Wesleying quite a bit in the past. Check out his George McFly-style role as the nerd in the Colbert Report‘s ’08 “How To Be A Maverick” spoof:

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Colbert Report Full Episodes 2010 Election March to Keep Fear Alive

Also, vaguely related sidenote slash fun fact: gloriously mustached Olin reference librarian and ADP member Erhard Konerding has been featured on Jeopardy! at least once. Ask him about it.