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Sensing our Pulsing Speakers: Wesleyan on Daytrotter

For those not in the know: Daytrotter is a music website that specializes in three things that I care about, all really part of the same thing: live sessions with artists 7 days a week, giving away download links for these sessions for free, and really dense, crazy write-ups about these sessions that I should really spend more time looking at. If you’ve got other things to do, though, the titles will do just fine (sample from the links section: “A Confusing World At-Large Deciphered By Wolves And Men”).

Among the acts Daytrotter has lured into the studio (presumably under cinnamon-coated pretenses) are some of Wesleyan’s finest — ever-present The Management and recent visitors Bear Hands are among the many, many recordings.

Breaking Motherfucking News: A tip from sneakergaze while I was finishing up this post:

I’M AT THE — never mind, there’s no way that could end well, unlike this apparently upcoming Das Daytrotter sesh. Looks like I’ll be following up on this soon. OFWGKTA/DR collab?

National Weather Service travel advisory: two metric fucktons of links incoming. Read on for a return to our regularly scheduled programming.

KanYe rocks Wesleyan College: Online Edition

So, word on the street is that guy who made beats for Jay-Z came out with an album of his own…and apparently, it’s good (who’da thunk?)! If you’ve been raving about it with your hallmates for at least a week now, then surely you’ve seen it make its mark on Wes around the net-o-webs:


For the uninitiated: that’s a graph of the most frequent top artists for all the members of the Wesleyan group on last.fm. That means that Kanye West appears on our top artist charts for the week about three times as much as any of the nearest competitors. Seems like we do want you chillin’ with your phoenix, Mr. West.

Much more ado about nothing after the jump.