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UC Boulder Outsmokes Everyone Else

The University of Colorado at Boulder blazes past all other crunchy liberal arts schools to be what must be the weediest campus in America. Some of this sounds a little familiar:

Although it’s become an annual and renowned event at CU, this year’s 4/20 celebration was different in some ways than in many previous years: The crowd was so large it migrated from the long-traditional site of Farrand Field to the larger Norlin Quad; festivities kicked off earlier than normal with daytime concerts; and CU police handed out zero citations…

Officers in the past have gone to great lengths to catch people in the illegal act of smoking pot on 4/20. In 2006, CU police dispatched undercover photographers to snap pictures of smokers. Photos of 150 alleged offenders then were posted on the department’s Web site, and witnesses were offered $50 to positively identify the suspects — who then were ticketed. Another year, smokers on Farrand were doused with sprinklers.

Full article at the Daily Camera, thanks to anonymous Shoutboxer 1:46 am for the tip.