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Awesome Ukulele Cover of “Kids” by The Ooks of Hazzard

Speaking of awesome YouTube reinterpretations . . .

Unless you completely avoid all music, you have probably heard of MGMT, especially since the group began at Wesleyan, and both members are alumni. What you see above is one of my favorite YouTube videos ever: a cover of “Kids,” arguably MGMT’s most well-known song, by The Ooks of Hazzard, a 9-piece band consisting of seven ukuleles, an accordion, and a cajón.

Searching The Ooks of Hazzard on YouTube will only bring up this video and a few regrettably mediocre concert recordings, complete with bad lighting and background noise. A search on iTunes will only bring you to a page where you can purchase this song as a single. Their MySpace page has a streaming version of the song above, but little else. Nevertheless, they indicate on their Facebook page that, as of January 18, they are working on an album. If you enjoy this video, you’ll probably be as excited as I am to hear this. If there’s one thing the world needs, it’s more awesome ukulele bands.