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Update on Consent Underwear For Sale


Rachel Verner ’15 writes in to help you make it sexy when you’re thinking about sexual consent:

Want to promote sexual consent and look sexy while doing it? Or just need an extra couple days before you have to do laundry? Buy some ASSK underwear! Make sure you always ASSK for that ass so that you keep it consensual, keep it safe, and keep it sexy. Each pair is $10. Buy 3 for $25. Payments can be made to Rachel Verner, Christian Hosam and Katy Thompson. Keep an eye on our Facebook event for details on where and when we’ll be collecting money. Order here. Produced by American Apparel Wholesale. The order form includes the colour options for each style of underwear. The styles offered are listed below.

1. Cotton Spandex Jersey Boy Brief #8315
2. Baby Rib Flat Bottom Panty #4314
3. Baby Rib Thong #4313
4. Baby Rib Brief #4415
5. Baby Rib Boxer Brief #4443


Once the shipment comes in, we will have Iron-On Transfer Stations where you can personalize your underwear with your own favourite phrases of consent. Brought to you by: PHA Kim Berry ’15, SART Intern and Students for Consent and Communication, in cooperation with: Katy Thompson ’15, QRC Intern, and Christian Hosam ’15, Dwight Greene Intern.

Deadline: Tuesday, April 23 at 11:59 p.m.
Contact: rverner(at)wesleyan(dot)edu

Enormous Horde of Library Dwellers in Underwear Terrorizes Tiny Tour Group

“I can smell the people-in-their-underwear-ness.”

suggestive undiesThe practice of showing up in Olin Library’s Info Commons in one’s underwear on the Friday of WesFest, and trying especially hard to look studious and nonplussed, has become something of a time-honored tradition these days, and so has our practice of protecting the identity of all participants. This year’s, in my opinion, was particularly impressive. My little group—we had just gotten out of a class—ran over to Olin and, initially a little afraid to participate in the festivities, ran up to the third floor mezzanine and peered out the windows. We soon realized, however, that we were face-to-face with a group in that mezzanine’s symmetrical mate, and that the people there had indeed stripped down. We had no choice but to do so ourselves, except for one of our number who bailed on account of a “see-through” bra. Our reading selections included Lydia Davis‘s new chapbook about cows.

Caption Contest: President Roth Visits the S&C

This iconic and largely inexplicable image made its Facebook debut yesterday, where it has been racking up all of the likes. President Roth’s own comment: “A typical lunch at Alpha Delta Phi.” (#IsThisWhy?)

Have a caption idea? Send it to us at staff(at)wesleying(dot)edu. We’ll publish the best ones. We might even reward you with a La Boca gif ah, forget it.

“So This Is Wesleyan’s Clothing-Optional Library…”

Who says Wes lacks solid traditions?

At approximately 12:40 yesterday afternoon, the entire main floor of Olin Library stripped to its underwear, continuing a Wes tradition of recent years—and just in time for four tour groups to cycle through. Participants remained studious and stoic, tour guides cool and collected, librarians kept a bemused distance, and all culminated with an impassioned take on the Wes Fight Song.

Because really, corny as it sounds, nothing brings the Wesleyan community together quite like messing with unsuspecting prefrosh.

Some photo highlights after the jump. Faces have been, err—altered to protect privacy.