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Welcome to the seventh installment of Ask Wesleying, an advice column about any and all things Wes! Have a question about life at Wes? Submit it to get it answered in Ask Wesleying! You can find all of the Ask Wesleying columns here.

It’s been a loooooong hiatus, what with thesis, winter break, thesis, spring break, more thesis (you get the point). But fear not, I haven’t forgotten about all you questioning souls haunting campus, awaiting answers to put your spirits to rest.

This week’s question is about one of those things that gets mentioned on your admissions tour and then never arises again, nudity:

Dear Wesleying,

I’ve been trying to find information about how to apply as a nude model for art classes next semester, but have emerged unsuccessful. Do you have any info about who to contact, any requirements, etc? Also, any tips on how to locate the nude scene at Wes (if there is one?) would be greatly appreciated!


Nude in the NESCAC

You can read the answer to this week’s question below the jump!

Scores of Michael Roths Swarm Olin During Prefrosh Tour!!

Earlier today, over 100 Michael Roth clones were spotted tiptoeing up the steps in Olin Library just before 12:30. Incoming reports suggest that these clones were birthed last night in the basement of 269 High Street in a 400 year old pagan ritual of excess. Or something like that. 

These clones entered the library just before the noon WesFest tours were to make a stroll through, at which point they stripped down to their underwear and probably read The History of Sexuality or On the Interpretation of Dreams. We’ve got visual evidence:

Half-Naked Michael Roth Clones Materialize in Olin

“I like skin” – Overheard Prefrosh

undiesroth1The weather is warm, the prefrosh are touring, and everyone in Olin is half-naked. Or was half-naked, around noon on the final day of WesFest, because Undies in Olin is a beloved tradition. And we all like scaring prefrosh and their parents.

Just before the events began, people began seating themselves on the first floor and tried to contain their giggles. At 12:00pm on the dot, the stripping began, and soon the library was packed with people in bras and underwear. It was incredible. Wes, you are a gorgeous school.

Half-Naked Michael Roth Clones Take Over Olin

photo 4-1

Undies in Olin, a longstanding tradition to Keep Wes Weird, was on Wesfest Friday around noon. This is what happened, according to Dasha Dubinsky ’18:

The crowd of people that showed up had been standing around for a while, and getting a bit anxious, when the first tour group walked through at about 12:30. While most of the prefrosh and parents seemed confused and unsure of themselves as they avoided eye contact, certain members of the tour group seemed happy with the turn of events. Multiple people reminded everyone that this is in fact a library with screams of “I’m trying to work in here” and much shushing.

Not long after the first tour group walked by, two more also went through with similar reactions. Most memorable was one prefrosh and her mom running through the hall to avoid looking at all the half-naked college students.

After all three of the tour groups left, everyone cheered and erupted into the Wesleyan Fight Song. It was one of the most Wesleyan moments I’ve experienced here and the bond that I felt with everyone else in the library that day was amazing.

In Store for a New Pair of Undies?


SART Intern Rachel Verner ’15 wants you to look good for Undies in Olin to make your conversations about consent a little sexier:

Let your laundry pile grow a little while longer with a few extra pairs of underwear. And even better, help promote sexual consent while you rock your new duds. All underwear are marked with the logo “assk” to remind you both to seek and give consent, and proceeds will be going towards sexual violence prevention. There are 5 styles options, and 3 colour choices for each. Once the shipment comes in, we will have Iron-On Transfer Stations where you can personalize your underwear with your own phrases of consent.

Order here by April 9th!

Cost: $10/pair or 3 paris for $25Payments can be made to Rachel Verner ’15 (SART Intern), Christian Hosam ’15 (Dwight Greene Intern), and Katy Thompson ’15 (QRC Intern).

Keep an eye on the Facebook Event for details on where and when we’ll be collecting money. All underwear is a product of American Apparel Wholesale.

Half-Naked Michael Roth Clones Appear in Olin, Terrorize Tour Group

Event organizer: “Fuck keeping Wes weird. As long as we keep it sexy, it’s peaches to me.”

Continuing a longstanding effort to Keep Wes Weird (and keep tour group moms thoroughly uncomfortable), students of all class years (and every underwear type) stripped down in Olin’s main floor at 12:15 this afternoon to the ______ [choose one: amusement/shock/disgust] of a group of spirited prefrosh. WHOO WESLEYAN CLOTHING OPTIONAL!!!!11

Below, some on-the-scene coverage of the event, with photos, umm—doctored to protect privacy. But first, I spoke with the organizer of Undies in Olin, who wishes to remain anonymous, about the inspiration, history, and existential meaning behind the event. Hir response in full:

Undies in Olin has been a longstanding tradition of much controversy and has lead to many a heated discussion. The event embodies topics ranging from gender roles to sexuality in Western society, but the big questions raised by the event are ‘What is our place in this world?’ Why are we here?’ These loftier questions were greatly the source of my inspiration in planning the event. I felt that letting this tradition die would amount to watching passively as culture slowly deteriorated in our modern world. Also, I like to see some skin every once in a while, you know? Like, there are some really sexy people at this school. And sexy in more ways than one. To me that’s what makes Wesleyan a great school. Fuck keeping Wes weird. As long as we keep it sexy, it’s peaches to me.

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Photoshoppin’ by David Shimomura ’13.