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The Orlando Consort @ Memorial Chapel


Gabrielle Bruney ’14 writes in with an opportunity to hear an internationally-known chamber music ensemble in what’s definitely the best venue around for that sort of thing:

Enjoy an evening of early vocal music performed by a world-renowned ensemble!

From the Orlando Consort’s website:

“Formed in 1988 by the Early Music Centre of Great Britain, the Orlando Consort has established itself as one of Britain’s most important chamber music ensembles, performing to the highest standards and renowned for its imaginative and innovative programming. Working with leading academics on music that has often never been performed in modern times, they have set new standards of performance, particularly with regard to the pronunciation and tuning of this fascinating repertoire. In recent times the Consort has also attracted praise for its bold programmes of contemporary music, jazz and world music, and for their outstanding education projects which are specifically designed to involve amateur musicians of all ages and abilities.”

Date: February 28, 2013.
Time: 7 – 9 PM
Place: Memorial Chapel
Cost: $6 for Wesleyan students

IFF 48 Hour Film Competition: Wes Entry from the You Kay (Vote!)

Happy not-quite-Thanksgiving, college students, pizza vegetarians, and vegan section devotees alike. With the latest in a long line of no-longer politically correct fall holidays coming up, you may have overlooked one of the most important ones that passed just last week – the Ivy Film Festival 48 Hour Film Competition, of course!

Run out of a seedy back alley affectionately termed “Brown University”, the IFF 48-hour competition encourages – well, if you’re entering, requires – college undergraduate entrants to make a film, “including scripting, shooting, costuming, set design, editing, rehearsing, sound design, etc.“, in two complete turns o’ the earth. So, just last weekendNeo Sora ’13 ’14 (;__;) did exactly that.  Wesleyan’s favorite Kingdom Hearts / The Matrix crossover character didn’t just create this entry from abroad – he did it with incredibly minimal personnel, only enlisting the talents of one other actor, a secondary cameraperson, and the dining establishment in which the steadier shots take place . Check it out:

Want to show some support for this 48-hour, almost-solo project beyond trolling the comments section? Voting is open until Wednesday – so now is as good a time as ever to act out of loyalty towards a perceived ingroup member watch every entry and determine which short film most deserves public recognition for quality filmmaking and an engrossing viewing experience! (Seriously: I myself enjoyed the others, especially Cold Steel. Check them out, too.) Vote, vote, vote!

UK Students Protest Tuition Hike

About 50,000 people, mostly students, protested today in the United Kingdom against tuition increases imposed by the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition currently in power.  It seems like they had quite a rowdy time too.  Here are some highlights from The Guardian‘s liveblog coverage:

Fires burning, eggs thrown, windows smashed, activists with scarves across their faces barricaded into a marble-clad lobby after exchanging punches with police, all to chants of “Tory Scum”. Feels like the 1980s here at Millbank Towers.