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In Depth: Unity

If you were at the activities fair last week, you probably noticed that Wesleyan has an overwhelming amount of clubs groups to join. Because you don’t have the time (or enough room in your inbox) to sign up for everything you saw, our In-Depth Series profiles some of those student groups who may have slipped through those cracks. In this installation, I sat down with Isaac Klimasmith ’20, the leader of Unity. Unity is a space for queer Christians to meet and talk about their faith. Enjoy! 

Wesleyan Humanity Festival Info Session [Today]


In collaboration with Diversity University and Gibson Guitars, Raechel Rosen ’15 and JJ Mitchell ’15 invite you to plan The Wesleyan Humanity Festival:

Inspired by the intellectual musings of Professor Dar Williams, the Wesleyan Humanity Festival is a one-day musical celebration in solidarity against bigotry, racism, and social divisions.

The festival will take place this April and intends to bring all members of the Wesleyan and greater Middletown community together through music, art, and spoken word poetry. The festival will encourage dialogue about—and action against—the existing class, racial, and social rifts that exist within the community. The Wesleyan Humanity Festival will bring passionate, politically aware, and socially conscious artists who have united audiences in the face of difference. The festival will include both performance and direct dialogue. Through this day, we hope to inspire an open attitude and to continue the growing movement towards understanding how to create an inclusive community.

Unity Brunch

treeIn conjunction with the anti-violence symposium that is happening this Friday, October 17th, there will be a student space for individuals and members of student organizations to come together to talk about violence and all the ways it manifests itself on this campus. Although the symposium is mostly a response to last May, we want to recognize and talk about the fact that violence, in many forms, happens on this campus everyday.

We’re hoping to leverage the energy around the symposium to create a space in which students on campus who have a stake in anti-violence and anti-oppression work can come together to communicate about the work we’re doing, recognize overlaps, and build coalitions and community.

Date: Saturday, October 18th
Time: 2 -4 pm
Where: Usdan 110
Why: discussion, coalition, Indian food