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Open Call for Submissions to Contemplating the Universe

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From Penny Snyder ’16:

“We are made of starstuff,” says Carl Sagan, and if you like Carl Sagan, or looking up at the night sky, or making art about feeling small in the wake of the vast cosmos, consider submitting to “Contemplating the Universe.”

Contemplating the Universe is an exhibition opportunity open to all Wesleyan University students. In honor of the Van Vleck Observatory’s Centennial Celebration, the Astronomy Department in collaboration with the Center for the Arts invite students to submit visual artwork that responds to the theme: Contemplating the Universe.

The Stars: Up Close and Personal

If you’re into Star Wars or Despicable Me or that one movie with Sandra Bullock, you’d be into this cool thing the Astronomy department is doing: public observing nights!

Via their official flyer:

Starting on February 4th, the Van Vleck Observatory at Wesleyan University will open its doors to the public every Wednesday night, rain or shine, for a series of space nights. Come talk to students and faculty about the latest space-related discoveries by scientists at Wesleyan and around the world. For the spring semester, the events will begin with a half-hour presentation followed by a chance to see the sky through Wesleyan’s telescopes (weather permitting). Space nights are intended to be for visitors of all ages, although the talks are primarily aimed at high school level and above.

And now, some real Roth photos taken from our very own Van Vleck Observatory.