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UC Berkeley Students Protest Fee Increase


Students at the University of California, Berkeley, have been occupying a major university building all day to protest a fee increase at all UC campuses. From the Wall Street Journal:

The takeover by as many as 50 students and their sympathizers took place before dawn Friday, a day after the UC Board of Regents approved a 32% increase in student fees to cope with California’s long-running fiscal crisis.

Campus police made three arrests in the occupied Wheeler Hall classroom building after discovering furniture and other items propped up against doors at about 5:30 a.m. Friday, a school spokeswoman said. There were unofficial reports of at least one person arrested outside for allegedly crossing a police line marked by yellow tape.

By Friday afternoon, the standoff continued, as an estimated 500 other students and supporters assembled around the building, despite a driving rain. They banged drums, chanted and cheered as some of the occupants of the building used megaphones from a second-floor window to shout encouragement.

Pretty crazy stuff—but it must sound pretty familiar, I imagine, to some of the professors who’ve been at Wesleyan for 20+ years. Read the full article here.

EDIT: Apparently dozens of students have now been arrested in the protest. Updated story on MSNBC.